Clothing style Carmen

Spain — the birthplace of passions, emotions, temperament, and the storm of emotions. If you plan to invest in your image the impression, in this case, the outfit Carmen is the right choice.

Одежда в стиле Кармен

Spain fascinates by bright colors, both in nature and in clothing. If you are a lover of expressive details, feel free to try this image on itself. Culture features of this style implies the naturalness in everything. Therefore preference is given to natural fabrics in clothing. The main obvious difference and recognizable point is the contrast of colors. Moreover, in this case, traditionally used black and red colors.

Accessories — an invariable part of any Spanish image. For example, a popular Spanish decoration is a flower in the hair, gives a special brightness and softness to the female form. And even if you do not want to adorn a hairstyle, don’t forget about hair. They should be neatly in a bun. The presence of shawls in the wardrobe too. An easy, lace, tassels shawl is in the wardrobe of every Spaniard.

Clothing style Carmen is, of course, the dress. It should be with a deep neckline, opening the chest. His color should be bright, conspicuous. Well, if you a little scary for such a contrast, you can use fabric with complex patterns or combinations thereof. Skirts in this style of free, a flared cut, are made of light fabric. Best for dresses and skirts this style fits Maxi length.

Blouse in Carmen style lace and openwork, with lush cuffs. The more layering, the more interesting it will look. Choose a basis a white blouse embroidered with delicate ruches. Blouse with frill here is helpful. Refrain from severity, as the image of Carmen involves the brightness, sensuality and romance. All known to us style culottes is what will help us to replace skirt to the floor. But to choose them is without excessive detail and complex design, better dark colors.

A special place is given to corsets. They give a special style and passion the image of any fashionista a flattering waist and chest, attracting the attention of men. The makeup look must be eye-catching. This, of course, puffy, juicy lips of scarlet color, fill hearts with passion. Languid look you can create using the technique of applying shadows – «smoky eyes».

Finishing will lend a mood. Don’t forget about your posture, carry themselves proudly, imagining that the flows have real Spanish blood.

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