The day of the doctor – the history of the holiday

День медика – история праздника

The day of medical worker is celebrated on the third Sunday of June on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Armenia. The beginning of the feast was laid in 1980, when the decree of the Presidium of the USSR «On holidays and memorable days». The tradition has survived to the present day.

The history of Day of the doctor

The labour of the people in white coats valued at all times. Throughout his life, each of us involuntarily confronted with medicine, starting from the moment of birth. Without medicine, its development is hardly possible to talk about the development of all mankind.

Each of us needs to appreciate the work of doctors, technicians, nurses, orderlies, paramedics and midwives. It always has been – even back in Soviet times, people with great respect for medicine and celebrated the Day of the doctor the third Sunday of every June.

Later, on 1 October 1980, this date was officially recognized at the highest level. So, the tradition was preserved and transmitted to new generations.

The history of the holiday of Day of the doctor for over 30 years, and this tradition is still relevant. And this day is celebrated not only doctors and nurses, but all those who have at least an indirect relation to saving lives. And this chemists, biologists, technicians, engineers, and technicians – all those who are involved in the development of new equipment and medicines for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

The day of the doctor – the history and traditions of the celebration

According to tradition, on this day to celebrate the achievements and to reward the best health workers with certificates of honor, gratitude. The most distinguished members at the state level are awarded the honorary title «Honored worker of health care» – the highest award for people, who devoted himself to medicine and made great contribution to its development.


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