International day of neighbours

Международный день соседей

For the Slavs the term «neighbor» has always been more important than for people in the Western world. The whole wedding party, birthday party, farewell to the army or a memorial for the residents of the street or a big city house, once celebrated together. Informed people have always willingly and without reservation agreed to provide assistance to its impoverished neighbor. People always understood that he and others will bring severe life-this is the last one. But life abruptly changes the rules in force once the centuries. In high-rise high-rise people barely know a neighbor on the site, and is not interested in his problems. That kind of thing baffles all right thinking citizens, irrespective of their country of residence. In the West, the isolation of the people are already so strong that there has arisen a public course, set the task to raise the people to combat isolation.

The history of the holiday, the international day of neighbors

It would seem, happy and prosperous French least have to bother yourself with problems with isolation, but among them was a man who came up with this original and useful occasion. It has been noticed that with increasing wealth more people go into themselves, become more indifferent to others. The Parisian Antanas Perifano this issue for a long time and cared about very much. Together with colleagues male in the 90s creates the Association «Paris d’amis» in the 17th district social bonds of residents of the capital. Activists have helped poor neighbors with housing and financial problems and employment. For even more raise the spirit of solidarity of Puritan raised the issue among like-minded people on the establishment of the celebration of the international day of neighbours. In his 17-m district, the initiative was understood and supported, in 1999 Parisians from over 800 houses took part in this good and very useful stock.

First, the observance of the International day neighbors said the residents of other districts, and later this initiative was supported by citizens in neighboring countries and overseas. The emergence of the European Federation of solidarity help to unite all people who seek to spread these useful ideas in all the cities of the continent. Alas, in Eastern Europe, yet no such organization exists, such a holidays organize local activists and the administration of some cities, where you realize the importance of an early improvement in the neighbourhood.

Events on the international day of neighbours

Europeans used to celebrate this event on a week day, timing the main events on the last Tuesday of the month of may. But people in other countries particularly hard this tradition do not adhere to, so a Day of neighbors is carried out in the last weekend of may, which is more convenient for working people. Naturally, each city is famous for its local traditions and the organization of such events can be held at completely different scenarios. It is best ahead of time to gather proactive people who are able to agree to spend some time on this important matter. Then make a plan of activities to involve maximum Международный день соседей number of residents of the house, street, town or even hometown.

Of course, everything will be much easier and more interesting when the international day of neighbours to carry out in an entertaining manner. It is advisable not to hold processions and rallies ostentatious, and all done in a cozy tea for sweet tables in a public garden, Park or on native for many local area. In a relaxed atmosphere among residents of high-rise buildings to eliminate fragmentation and to establish social connections. By the way, it would be very well to this date to coincide with some events for children, for example, sports «Games of our yard with sweet prizes.


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