Different vegetable oil from sunflower?

In cooking, various types of vegetable oils. Among them — sunflower, one of the most popular, especially in Russia. How is it different? Different vegetable oil from sunflower?

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What is a vegetable oil?

Under the vegetable oil is meant the product obtained from the seeds of crops, which include oilseeds. For example, sunflower, olive, rapeseed, corn, sesame, peanut. Vegetable oil is one of the key ingredients for salads, dough for various types of baking. It is indispensable when roasting products.

Is vegetable oil used not only in households but also in industry. The presence of a large number of options for their use due to the fact that each variety of vegetable oil is characterized by unique properties.

So, canola oil is most often used just the same for industrial purposes — in the manufacture of soap, paints. After refining the product can be used in food industry e.g. for the production of margarine. Add canola oil in food is also possible, but the taste of it is very specific, and because the cooks usually prefer to use it instead of other oils.

For example — peanut butter. It can be used for frying, dressing salads, making dough with excellent taste. Other popular oils, essential when cooking dishes, corn, olive, soybean.

In Russia, probably one of the most popular for cooking is sunflower oil. Examine its features.

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This type of vegetable oil obtained from special varieties of sunflower seeds. Russia — among the world leaders in the production of this product. In fact, the technology for producing oil from sunflower seeds was invented in Russia in the early 19th century. This plant is adapted to the peculiarities of the Russian climate and successfully cultivated in our country.

Sunflower oil is high in calories, having almost 100% fat. Its value is in good taste, versatility (oil can be used for frying or boiling and for salads), vitamin E.

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The main difference between vegetable oil from the sunflower is that it can be also oil obtained not only sunflower, but also of many other plants. Suitable oils are more popular outside of Russia. In fact, sunflower oil is a Russian invention.

The product obtained from sunflower, almost always used only for cooking. In industry it is not common. While there are vegetable oil, actively operated for such purposes — in particular, the product obtained from rapeseed.

Defining the difference between vegetable and sunflower oil, reflect the findings in the table.

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Vegetable oil
Sunflower oil

What is common between them?

Sunflower oil is a kind of plant

Sunflower oil along with many other vegetable (e.g., olive, peanut) is widely used for cooking

What is the difference between them?

Can be made of different types of plant materials
Made only from sunflower

Many types of vegetable oils used in industry
Almost never used in industry

Oil made from sunflower not more prevalent outside of the Russian Federation
The technology of producing of sunflower oil was invented in Russia, and because the product is popular in Russia than other vegetable oils

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