What distinguishes the College from the University?

Among the most common types of educational institutions — colleges and universities. What are the specifics of those and others? What distinguishes the College from the University?

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What is a College?

The term «College» in the context of the designation of educational institutions in Russia and Western countries is understood differently.

In Russia, College is almost always a secondary school. Man gets a professional qualification, which level corresponds to the one acquired in high school, College or, for example, in the school.

In Russian colleges often teach managers, bankers, accountants, lawyers. People who graduated from the school of the appropriate type, have the right to go to University — as a graduate of the 11th grade of school or other institution in which the obtained secondary education.

In Russian College can do as after the 9th and after the 11th grade or training in another secondary school. The duration of study at the College is 2-4 years. Generally, the longest you need to learn to graduates of 9 classes.

The College tuition differs markedly from the educational process in the school that the person received to the appropriate institution, has the status of a student, has a student’s card and student’s record-book. Diploma of the College entitles you immediately qualify for skilled work in their specialty. While a high school diploma, as a rule, does not provide such opportunities.

In turn, the term «College» in Western countries can match both middle and high school.

For example, in the US there are community colleges with 2 years of training. The person who has completed his degree, roughly corresponding to the Russian diploma of secondary education. Colleges in the United States also referred to as University departments or independent institutions where training lasts 4 years, and upon successful passing of the diploma of bachelor confirming the receipt of the first stage of higher education. In some American colleges is the training and masters that are allowed to take place with a degree.

The American College can do, as a rule, only at the end of high school.

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The term «University«in turn, in Russia and in the West almost always meets the highest educational institution. In Russia, the fact that the University is the University that differentiates it from the College. In the West the situation with the delimitation of the concept and term «College» in the context of the designation of educational institutions more difficult.

The fact is that, as we noted above, the College in the West can be a subdivision of the University. In this case, the student in this person will receive a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year program (later will be able to learn to master if you wish). In the same way as if he studied at any other higher education institution.

Russian universities, as well as American (including colleges for them), allow you to study for undergraduate and graduate programs. Also in many universities of the Russian Federation has retained this format of training as a specialist, suggesting a 5-year study.

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Thus, there is more than one honors College from the University — both at the level of terminology and in the context of the development of educational programs in these institutions. In this matter the educational system of a particular state.

So, in Russia, College is almost always secondary educational institution, the University is the highest. It can be noted that they have a number of common features. For example, students in both types of educational institutions have the status of students, student cards, the grade book will be eligible to work in the specialty after graduation.

In the West, the College may be both secondary and higher education. In the first case, it is an Autonomous organization, in the second, as a rule, a unit of the University.

In Russia in the College may enroll people who graduated from the 9th grade of high school, that is received incomplete secondary education. In the United States to study in the College is mainly only under the condition of graduating from high school.

Defining the difference between College and University, identify the findings in the table.

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What is common between them?

In Russia and in the West, students of colleges and universities have the status of students in Russia receive a student’s card, a record book will be eligible for work according to acquired qualification after graduation)

In the West, the College may be a University Department in which a student receives a higher education

College and University in Russia and the West can do at the end of high school (in the West, as a rule, only in this condition)

What is the difference between them?

In Russia almost always corresponds to the average school (in the West sometimes)
In Russia and in the West almost always meets the highest educational institution

In Russia in colleges can enroll the students who successfully graduated from the 9th grade
In Russia and in the West in universities can do, as a rule, only at the end of high school

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