Clothes for Baby Bon girls and a boy: how to make your own hands

Appeared on the market, from the interactive toy company Zapf Creation has made a full sensation. This is not just a doll with which girls play. Plastic kid performs actions of a real newborn baby: crying, laughing, satisfies physiological needs. Children playing with Baby Bon, wore them in slings and backpacks, baby carriers, ride in strollers, and moms to sew doll clothes.

How to make clothes for Baby Bon

Actually, the puppet things a little different from ordinary children, except for the size. Clothes for Baby Bon may be created from natural fabric, acrylic, by hand or on the sewing machine. In addition, a lover of knitting is made for the baby warm beanies and other garments. Seamstress take your measurements with Baby Bon, adjust the size of the pattern, cut out fabric, sew in accordance with the scheme. It is important to approach the process of creating clothes with care, like sew it for real baby, then products will be beautiful.

Where can I find dress patterns for Baby bona

The Internet is full of instructions for any craft, including sewing. The scheme, in addition to the network represented in the printed editions. How to sew clothes for Baby Bon pattern in the global web, easy to find. Of the good publications a note on this: the book Venus Dodge – here are the patterns for the puppet things that can be easily adapted for Baby Bon. There will be only ready layouts to cut a billet of the required value of fabric and baste. When the product will become ready, you will need to process the edges to get rid of protruding threads.

Knitted clothes for Baby Bon with their hands

For a cold time of year mom knit for their babies warm clothes: hats, booties and more. If you count the Baby bona simulator real child, then such items need him. During gameplay on the plastic child can be worn both summer and winter clothes, self-tie which is easy. Knitting suitable yarn from the loose old stuff, but you can buy a new one. Use knitting or crocheting.

How to knit how to crochet

A small puppet legs, like a child, requires heat which is provided by knitted items. Booties – an integral part of the equipment of the child. For knitting you will need just two elements:

  • spokes – 2 main and 2 AUX;
  • yarn.

The process is as follows:

  1. Type 21 loop on knitting needle, proverite the first row of the front.
  2. Remove the first loop, throw thread provarite 9 front loops. Again, loop the string, then one front loop and one yo. Provarite the front 9, again throw. Complete chain front loop.
  3. The third line promazyvaetsya facial viscous, with the exception of nakido. They are crossing the front loops.
  4. After the first shot should knit one front. Throwing a thread provarite 9 loops facial viscous. After another nakida vivacite 3 loops. This is followed by the heap, 9 eyelets, new yo and 2 loops.
  5. The new range consists entirely of garter knit.
  6. Sixth line begins with the removed first and 2 knit. In the sequel to burn the thread, vymazyvaja 9 loops. After following nakida need to link 5 loops. Complete the circuit the heap, 9 loops, throwing out threads, 3 loops.
  7. The next odd number vivaselecta garter viscous.
  8. The initial shot lasts 3 front and heap of the thread. Followed by unchanged 9 loops, heap, 7 facial loops. After throwing thread vymazyvaja 9 eyelets, running the heap, 4 facial.
  9. The following 3 lines promazyvayut garter stitch.
  10. It’s time for the toe. One auxiliary transfer needle 13 stitches from the beginning chain and the other the same at the end. The following 11 rows of garter viscous promazyvaetsya with the capture of one loop with each of the support spokes. In the end, the main needle should be 33 stitches.
  11. 8 vymazyvaja subsequent rows of garter viscous, which is optionally diluted with yarn of a different color.

Another scheme of knitting can be seen on the video:

How to knit beanie crochet

It is believed that crochet knit easier, so if you prefer this option needlework, clothes for Baby Bon can be produced in this way. You will need:

  • hook;
  • yarn.

The algorithm is as follows

  1. Type 82 air loop.
  2. The first row starts with 3 loops, then promazyvaetsya column with nakida from the first loop. This is followed by 12 columns with nakida. Skip 2 loops of the row and provarite 12 columns. In the subsequent aerial loop you need to put the column with nakida, dial 2 loops, and again a column. Repeat knit 1 more time.
  3. This series will continue with 12 columns, skip 2 loops, proverite 12 columns. In the last loop you need to purl 2 column with nakida.
  4. The new series begins with 3 loops and promazyvaetsya same as first.
  5. Both series promazyvayut one more time.
  6. Next you need to gradually reduce the number of loops, tavaziva to the desired length.
  7. Having obtained the required size, cut the thread and pass the needle. Sew knit fabric in the hood.

Option other model without linkage are presented on video:

Fishnet dress with shoes

Clothes for dolls with their own hands vivaselecta as for kids, very carefully and with a creative approach to combining colors. Bobblehead-girl, you can associate a huge amount of dresses, showing all his talent needlewoman. Openwork crochet with the use of columns with nakida and rapport will give the product lightness and airiness. The diagram (Diagram 1) shows how to crochet a single detail without any seams.

Where to buy and how much things cost for Baby bona

Many mothers who bought daughters of fats, resort to handwritten, making things for Baby bona because of the high cost of clothing and accessories that are on sale. Simple doll dress will cost 1300 rubles, and something more interesting will cost 2 times more expensive. Some items to buy will still have – for example, a diaper, because you can sew the diapers themselves harder. It is cheaper to order clothes in the online store, choosing for the price of the items.

Photos of beautiful clothes and accessories for doll Baby Born

A variety of puppet stuff will allow your child to play with Baby Bon more enthusiastically. Girls love to dress up themselves and dress their dolls. If you have decided to create clothes with your own hands, consult with your daughter, and better – connect it to the sewing process. Baby doll the Baby boom, represented in the pictures, with your joint efforts will be able to migrate to the wardrobe of your pups.

For girls

For a boy

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