How to grow onion family (shallots)

Family the onion – it’s a real godsend for those who want onions on the pen to grow up and get a autumn bulbs. Family bow got its name from the fact that the bulbs grow on a few pieces at a time. In Russia it is undeservedly little known, although this variety is highly esteemed abroad and there is achieved excellent yields.

Семейный лук ( шалот)

Onion family prized among chefs around the world due to the richness, compactness, fragrance. Its taste is close to the sweet varieties. Onion actively used in the French, Swiss and English cuisine. The other familiar name of this shallot.

Benefits of shallots

Onion family for a number of qualities superior to the onions. It is more cold-resistant, has great shelf life. While the onions ripen fast enough. Russian gardeners loved the shallot due to the fact that the bulbs are not sharp taste and are medium-sized, 1-2 (can be used without the rest

Looks like?

The shape of the follicle elongated, non-circular, and ovoid. The weight of the bulbs does not exceed 50 grams. Has many Zubkov, consequently, there is not one in the Bud, and from family. In the nest can grow simultaneously up to 30 bulblets.

How to plant?

Planting is recommended on heavier soils than for cooked onions. However, you need to ensure that the soil was fertile, fertilized. Good precursors are legumes. Onion family need to rotate, to return to the place where it grew before, it is possible not earlier than in 3-4 years.

Planted in early spring in the southern latitudes of Russia it is possible to plant onions for the winter. Given the cold resistance, the bulbs of the onion family tolerate freezing.

For planting is best to leave medium-sized bulbs. Although large, it turns out a large green mass and wykonawcza more daughter bulbs, it is better not to use large. Much more profitable to plant the bulbs often one dimensional, in this case, a uniform zahumensky and harvest.

When to remove?

Here, just as with onions, you can focus on laying down the leaves. It happens around mid-July to mid-August. The bulbs are removed, separated and dried. After start kalibrovka selected for the sets, and the rest can be safely braid in braids and sent to winter storage.

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