How to play the Pokemon Go in Russia

More and more people of different ages are interested in how to play Pokemon Go to Russia. This mobile game with the ability to catch pokemon literally conquered the world and became a hit downloads on mobile devices.

Узнайте, как играть в Pokemon Go в России


How to install Pokemon Go in Russia

The release of «Pokémon» was held in early July 2016, but only in a small number of countries, but the most impatient already started to play Pokemon Go to Russia. At first glance this seems impossible, because the official release date of the game in the country at the end of July-beginning of August, in connection with which to download the game in AppStore and Play Market is impossible. However, craftsmen have figured out how to work around this limitation. The first thing to go from the current iTunes account and App Store on iOS or Google on Android.

Create a new account on your mobile device to get the ability to set Pokemon Go in Russia. With this as your country, you need to specify any of those where the release of «Pokemon Go» has officially taken place, for example, Australia or the USA (note that this changes the language and other preferences on a mobile device). After that, you can download Pokemon Go in the AppStore and Play Market. But the game itself will be entirely in English, and some game features may not be available for residents of Russia, so it is advisable to wait for the official release of the game in the country.

How to play the Pokemon Go in Russia

To successfully play Pokemon Go in Russia, you must have a permanent and stable connection of the smartphone to the Internet and active GPS function. If you have installed the game through the foreign account, be prepared for the fact that the game server can work with cliffs. When you first start the game you get your first pokemon from multiple choice (Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle).

To find pokemon in «Pokemon Go», it is enough to run the game and look at the world through the camera screen of the smartphone. You can just walk through the countryside and from time to time to come across different pokemon, or to use a special tracker that shows how close you are to a particular monster. To find a rare pokemon, you can explore places such as parks, plazas and promenades.

In addition to finding pokemon game Pokemon Go allows you to gain experience and develop their pocket monsters, join a team with other players and battle against opponents on special arenas. It is important to note that the government of the Russian Federation has made a request not to violate the laws when catching pokemon. For example, sachedina to do it in churches and cemeteries, military facilities, border, etc.

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