What can you eat to lose weight?

One of the key recommendations of nutritionists, the diet changes. Make it easy for you, taking account of food eaten. After all, having before our eyes the list, you can immediately track what products it promote weight loss, and some Vice versa. For those who don’t is what is in the food they eat, there are very useful tables of caloric content and composition of the products.

Что бы такого съесть, чтобы похудеть?

Let’s start with the products. The fact that satiety of different foods poorly correlated with their calorie content. For example, a large bottle of Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola contains 40% of calories from a daily diet. But most people just will not feel any satiety from any sweet carbonated drink. If every meal to drink a glass of this drink, then after a month you can add a few pounds. What if you drink a glass throughout the year? About such things, even scary to think about. In addition, doctors agree that excess sugar consumption can lead to the development of diabetes.

Monitor your current diet can help to open your eyes to the number of calories consumed. For those who want to understand the intricacies of physiology, compiled many ready-made diets to suit every taste. Nutritionists agree that the most effective diet fractional power. Originating over 30 years ago, this diet is still widely recommended by renowned doctors of the world. Unlike some restrictive diet, smaller meals absolutely safe for health. It can be used without the supervision of experts, it is not fear of the risk of developing any health problems.

The basic idea of this approach is to split the daily intake into 5-6 small servings. It is necessary to limit the consumption of foods subject to processing such as greasy, fried, also should avoid sweet and starchy foods. This simple approach allows you to stick to this diet long enough without serious effort.

The main advantages of the diet are scientific validity and a lack of hunger, achieved by frequent meals. Unfortunately, this diet is not suited to those who have no permanent working routine — after using it, you need to constantly carry snacks and eat them on the job. In addition, to achieve serious results, diet have to stick long enough, the average rate of weight loss will be about a pound a week. But if this diet will become a lifestyle, you will be able to forget about extra pounds.

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