How to play the Pokemon Go

Popular games wins the hearts of gamers worldwide. It is interesting because based on augmented reality and allows you to play not on a fictitious map, but on the real, walking through these streets. Will tell you how to play it.

Как играть в Pokemon Go

You will need

  • Smartphone or tablet based on Android or iOS
  • App Pokemon Go


1. To start playing Pokemon Go, you need to install the app on your smartphone or tablet. Suitable devices running operating system iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android version 4.4.

2. The first thing to do in this game is to catch pokemon. They invented more than 700 species, but in the game at the initial stage, included only a quarter of them. In the future the developers will add new types. Start the game and go for a walk. All our movements are recorded and displayed on the built-in map.

3. Where exactly are pokemon, the map is not showing, it would agree, is not so interesting. Guess where the pocket monsters can be by circumstantial evidence — moving leaves or grass. Just check all places in a row, but this is a very complicated and long way.

4. In the lower right corner of the game screen, there is a display which displays an image of the pokemon near the player. If you get too close, the image of the creature appears on the map near you. Click on it and open the screen capture. At the bottom you will see pokebol (ball red-white colors, which cartoon characters catching pocket monsters). Using the touch control to start this subject in pokemon. It is important to do in the moment when the animal will be in a green circle.

5. To play well and successfully, it is important to collect at least one pokemon from each category. The monsters piling up in Pokedex (it is a private store), and than there will be more, the better.

6. Yet, as in the series, the game pokemon battle each other. Two hunters can have a fight. Each monster has their own characteristics that can be improved through training at special points. It is also important to note that pokemon have the ability to develop (evolution).

7. Important points in the game — pokescope. It caches scattered throughout the map. In them players can find pokebola, eggs, pokémon, and other useful in-game things. The application informs the player of when he is near parectopa its image increases a vibration. Click on the drive, it spins, and it falls out of the bonuses. Then pagestop becomes empty, but five minutes later, full again.

8. The map also has a tower (gimi), where team. To join the team, reaching the fifth level. You can put the caught pokemon in free GIM or GIM his team in every gym you can put only one monster. Teams compete among themselves, beating each other gimi, the higher the value the harder to beat.

9. The game has many specific rules and characteristics that are not always amenable to logic. They just need to take. With playing experience you will come to a full understanding of these rules.

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