A biscuit on the lemonade

Бисквит на лимонаде

The fluffiness of the biscuit can be increased by preparing it on any lemonade with gas. Thanks to the power of bubbles contained in a sweet soda products always manage air, fragrant and greatly increase in volume during baking.

How to bake a simple sponge cake on the lemonade in the oven — recipe


  • sifted wheat flour – 480 g;
  • fresh chicken eggs of medium size – 4 PCs.;
  • sugar – 280 g;
  • vanilla sugar – 20 g;
  • lemonade highly – 230 ml;
  • refined sunflower oil 230 ml;
  • the leaven – 10 g.


When starting to cook a biscuit on the lemonade, combine in a suitable dish the eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar and processed mass using a mixer until fluffy and dissolve all crystals. Now, pour refined sunflower oil and lemonade highly and whisk all with a mixer about three or four minutes. Then add to the mixture the baking powder and the sifted flour and stir again with a mixer or a spoon until all lumps blooming and the texture of the dough as sour cream of average density.

To bake the cake in the oven, heated in advance to 180 degrees, spread the prepared dough in the shape and position it on the middle shelf of the device for half an hour. At the end of the baking process for another twenty minutes, leave the sponge in the cake in the oven, and then extracted on the grill and leave until cool.

In the presence of the slow cooker cake on the lemonade can be cooked in it. For this we shift the dough in a slow cooker pan, a custom appliance for one hour in the mode «Pastries», and then leave the items at the same time in «heating»mode.

A biscuit on the lemonade without vegetable oil in margarine


  • sifted wheat flour – 320 g;
  • large fresh chicken eggs – 4 PCs.;
  • powdered sugar 295 g;
  • cocoa powder – 65 g;
  • Coca Cola – 230 ml;
  • margarine butter – 210 g;
  • the seedless raisins – 1 handful;
  • roasted crushed peanuts – 1 handful;
  • the baking powder – 20 g.


In this case biscuit dough, we will prepare some outside the box. The original sift dry ingredients. Namely, passed through a sieve flour, baking powder, icing sugar and cocoa powder. Mix the dry mass until a homogeneous color, then beat in the softened butter it margarine and whipped to fluffy eggs. Now pour in Coca Cola, be sure to only open, pleasure!, and whip the batter with a mixer for five minutes.

Raisins seedless opolaskivaniem in advance, fill with boiling water, and after five minutes the water is drained and allowed to drain. Also grind the roasted peanuts into small crumbs. Gently beat in the softened raisins and peanuts into the dough. If desired, the base of the cake, you can also add any seeds, other nuts, dried fruit or chocolate chips.

For baking sponge cake you can use one large baking dish, and small portions molds. They must be lubricated necessarily margarine butter or oil and cover the bottom of a parchment piece.

Бисквит на лимонаде

To bake the Coca Cola cake in the oven in advance to warm it up to 180 degrees, place the base of the dessert on the middle shelf of the device and set the timer for thirty minutes.

With time and leave a treat in the form in the oven for another ten minutes or fifteen, depending on the size of the product. Then extracted on a rack and let it cool down completely.

This chocolate biscuit can be used as the basis for the cake or when portions of the design serve as a flavorful dessert, decorating it with optional powdered sugar or any glaze.


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