Jam currant «Five minutes» – recipe

Варенье из смородины «Пятиминутка» – рецепт

Storing vitamins in the summer, many ice pieces of fruit, berries and a vitamin mixture, but if the big freezer there is no need to jam. Will show you how to make jam from currants «Five minutes» is a real storehouse of vitamin C (in currant jam its a lot more than the advertised citrus – about 5 times).

Currant jam

To make jam from currants «Five minutes, use this recipe, hoping the amount of sugar based on the number of berries.


  • black ripe currants without branches and leaves, 4-4. 5 cups;
  • domestic purified white sugar- 0,5 kg;
  • passed through the filter, distilled, boiled water – 1 liter;
  • citric acid/ fresh lemon – 1 teaspoon without slides/ 1 PC.


Of course, before you to preserve for a long time, the berries must be carefully sorted through well rinsed (warm water) and drain off moisture. Currant is no exception. Wash and dry the berries, wysipad them on a paper towel. Next, cook the filling. With this end in boiling water add sugar, making sure that the syrup of debris or lint, which can sometimes be found in the Sahara. Cook the filling until smooth and light thick. Lay the berries in our fill, cook them at a low boil 5 minutes (why jam is called «Five minutes») and remove from heat. If you want to keep a maximum of useful substances, use a strainer to remove skins and seeds, add citric acid or lemon juice, wait to boil and put in clean, sterilized jars. Roll up and allow them to cool down under the warm cloak. If berries are not to wipe, wait for complete cooling of the jam, after which it should simmer for a further 5 minutes in the same way. Cools, add acid or lemon juice, boil the third time and only then roll. This is done because the skins of the berries are cooked longer, so whole berries require longer treatment.

Another treat

Red currant – excellent raw material, it jam turns out sweeter than the blackcurrant, and vitamins in it, no less.


  • currants without branches and debris – 1 kg;
  • water, filtered or prepared in another way – 1 liter;
  • Russian (or other former USSR countries) the production of sugar – 1 kg;
  • instant gelatin – 100 g


This jam from currants «Five minutes» is similar to jelly or jam. It is tasty and very useful. Go over the currants, wash well, fill with half the sugar and leave for a couple of hours to berry drain juice. Half the water boil and cook the syrup, adding sugar and stirring until it dissolves. Berries pour the boiling syrup and cook for 5 minutes on low heat, skimming off foam. Cool the jam and repeat the procedure. Gelatin soak in warm water and when it dissolved, a little warmed, and stir until dissolved. Filter necessarily. Boiling jam is added, the solution is heated nearly to boiling, but do not allow to boil. Quickly spread on a clean well-sterilized jars and preserve. Jam of white currant «Five minutes» is brewed exactly the same.

This jam from the black currant can be rolled up for the winter, «Five minutes» perfectly stored in a cool place, and can be eaten immediately, using as jam for Breakfast.


Red or black currants are not the only berries from which jam «orientation Meeting». Very tasty harvesting from hybrid version, called josta (a cross between currants and gooseberries).


  • josta, purified from twigs – 1 kg;
  • Варенье из смородины «Пятиминутка» – рецепт

  • domestic peeled sugar- about 4.5-5 cups;
  • prepared water – 1 l


Because the berries are quite large and they have thick skin, you can needle prick each berry or after 2 provarivanija RUB through a sieve. Preparing jam just. Cook the syrup, it will omit the berries, boil 5 minutes, let cool, repeat twice more. As you can see, jam of currant – quick «Five-minute» just, regardless of grade.


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