Celery root — recipes

Корень сельдерея - рецепты приготовления

If you don’t know what you can make with the celery root, be sure to use our recipes, make a tasty salad and cook healthy soup with this incredibly useful root with a spicy taste.

Salad of celery root — cooking recipe


  • celery – 170 g
  • chicken meat (flesh) – 320 g;
  • cucumbers salted or pickled – 170 g;
  • greenery – to taste;
  • grainy mustard – 10 g;
  • the classic mayonnaise – to taste;
  • large salt and freshly ground black pepper – to taste.


In this recipe, the spicy taste of celery perfectly set off the tender chicken meat, and combined with the pickled cucumbers, the composition is simply divine to the taste. To prepare this salad, boil until cooked chicken meat, salt in the cooking water and adding optional Bay leaf and peppercorns.

Allow the chicken to cool in broth, then cut it into strips or cubes and put in a bowl. There also send celery root, pre-clean it and passing through a coarse grater or shred small strips. Grind cucumbers in the same manner as the celery, add to other components, add chopped greens (optional), dressed with a mixture of grainy mustard and a classic mayonnaise, adding salt to taste and pepper.

Soup-puree of celery root — recipe


  • celery – 360 g;
  • carrots – 90 g;
  • zucchini young – 320 g;
  • bulb onions – 50 g;
  • fresh tomatoes – 320 g;
  • teeth garlic – 3 PCs.;
  • parsley and dill into the soup and serve – to taste;
  • sour cream for serving – to taste;
  • large salt and freshly ground black pepper – to taste.


To cook celery root delicious soup, clear vegetable, Корень сельдерея - рецепты приготовления cut it into arbitrary slices, put in a pot and pour clean water so that it completely covered him. After boiling, cook the celery for ten minutes, then lay the peeled and chopped carrots, chopped zucchini, peeled onion and garlic teeth. Add fresh tomatoes after removing them from the skin, flavored the dish to taste with salt and pepper, and throw in chopped fresh herbs and cook the meat until cooked all the vegetables. Now pushing the vegetable mass in a blender to obtain a puree texture and is served soup, adding it to the plate with sprigs of fresh herbs and sour cream.


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