What distinguishes Rudd from roach?

Some species are so similar that in the absence of specific experience is unclear, what caught instance. To such disputed inhabitants of the ponds include Rudd and roach. Indeed, the similarity between the two fish of a considerable. But there are features common to each of them individually. So, what distinguishes Rudd from roach?

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Look like fish

What Rudd and roach are similar, not surprisingly. After all, the family of the one – carp. However, it should closely look at each fish. Rudd looks like this:


And this roach:


Now let’s talk more about how to identify these aquatic inhabitants. I must say, differences between them abound.

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The first thing that catches your eye – color fish. Rudd looks pretty impressive. Her distinct «outfit» consists of Golden scales and bright red fins. Especially rich is the color of the big fish of this species. Young Rudd a few brighter, and they have fins paler.

The scales of the roach is the most common – silver. The same fins of this fish can be different: red, grey and brand. Their color is largely due to the habitat specific species. It roach color in which there are bright pigments, often mistaken for Rudd. However, to dispel all doubts, you can count the ribs on the dorsal fin of the fish caught. If they are 8-9, it is Rudd, and the greater number of rays – 10-12 – indicates that we have before us a roach.

An important difference from redfin roach is the location of the fins relative to each other. If you look on the side of the Rudd, we can see that her dorsal fin is slightly offset relative to the ventral side of the tail. And roach both of these fins originate on the same line.

The body of the fish above, so it looks more rounded. In addition, this fish is a bit thicker. Roach also has an elongated body shape. Rudd – the owner of a pale yellow or orange eyes, often with red patches in the upper half. The roach’s eyes are often red.

Also specimens of the discussed species differ in the structure of the mouth. From rudds mouth is curved so that it was convenient to grab food close to the surface of the pond. Roach, preferring to look for food in the bottom layers, has a straight mouth. By the way, Rudd can be recognized still, a yellow rim on the lips.

On top of that determine tribal affiliation of the individuals can be caught by touch. What is the difference between a Rudd and a roach? That Rudd is not such a slippery fish. But to keep in the hands of roach more complicated because the surface of her body profusely covered with mucus.

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Red fins
The fins may be gray

Rays in the structure of the dorsal fin – 8-9
Rays in the fin is more – 10-12

Dorsal fin offset
Dorsal and ventral fins originate on the same line

The body is taller and thicker
An elongated body

Pale yellow or orange eyes
Red eyes

His mouth curved up on his lips visible bright rim
Straight mouth

Less slippery

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