Pencil skirt with high waist: how to choose and what to wear, fashion 2016

One of the most feminine things that are found in a ladies ‘ wardrobe – the pencil skirt. It flatters the curves and shapes that can make any woman elegant. Every fashionista should know how to choose this thing and how to combine successfully her.

Who is skirt with high waist

Many people mistakenly believe that can afford to wear it can only slender girls. In fact, a skirt with a high waist can choose and stout lady, unless she has the figure of type «Apple». This will help to make forms more elongated, proportional. Not necessary to take model with pockets, large prints, better stay on solid. Color it is advisable to choose dark, to visually reduce hips.

Slender girl can wear a pencil skirt of any length and color. If you are not too tall, you may prefer extended models with a high waist and zipper. Pencil skirt – the perfect choice for owners of figures like «pear», «rectangle», «hourglass». It is fitting, emphasizes the waist and draws attention to the curvy rounded hips.

Girls skinny and short are not always appropriate the pencil skirt. They need to carefully consider the choice of style, length, color. If one of these parameters is defined incorrectly, then the thing visually make a woman even lower and thinner than it is. If you really really want to get a skirt with a high waist, look for models with peplum frill. Owners of shape «inverted triangle» it is also better to take this type.

What length to choose

Fashion does not stand still. If the length of the classic pencil skirt came to mid-knee or bottom of the Cup, now popular variety of models: the mini, MIDI, Maxi. To choose a suitable, you need to consider your height, body type and other characteristics. More important are things that you plan to combine a pencil.

The classic skirt is mid – knee

This option is visually lengthens the figure, but not acceptable for each ladies. You can choose it only when you have beautiful knees. Then pencil skirt sexy tight elastic hips, emphasizes the delicacy of the legs, a slender waist.

Length mini

Opens eyes feet from the beginning or mid-thigh. Short pencil skirt is suitable only for those ladies who have perfect proportions. Prettier it will look at low and medium growth. The advantage of these skirts is that they are allowed to wear any shoes except the boots above the knee.


Length from bottom of knee to mid-calf. Narrow pencil skirt is not suitable for those who have a full calf or too skinny legs, because it will create a focus on areas of concern. It is not recommended to wear MIDI girls of small stature.


In a long skirt will remain visible to only the feet. It does not shorten the legs. Usually in the back at the side seam or front side is cut. Option Maxi hides all the shortcomings of the legs, Slims. Not suitable for short women, only above-average growth.

Which fabric to prefer

Previously, the tailoring used tight skirt materials: tweed, wool with different additives. Now this list has expanded considerably. To make a choice it is necessary taking into account characteristics of your body type and style, which creates an image. Guipure pencil skirt with lace is a great choice to visits, walks, parties. Dense tweed or leather in a dark wash with light dressed with shirt choice for the office.

Denim pencil skirt with a high waist complete with sneakers, sneakers and a simple top, suitable for sports style. If to it to find a more elegant shoes and dressy top, you get a completely different image. Knitted pencil skirt with high waist will be your salvation in the summer because it is very easy. Choose different shades for each image.

Fashion color skirts-pencil with a high waist

The variety of shades offered by the designers is simply amazing. There is a skirt monotonous or with drawings, prints, floral ornaments. Each color has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are planning to buy a pencil skirt, you ought to see the features of some of the most fashionable colours. Because of this you will make the purchase in which you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Black. A classic that does not lose popularity. Pencil skirt would be beneficial to look with black, white, milky, silver, Burgundy top. As a rule, such combinations are typical for office style. Can pick up a top or a shirt with a geometric pattern or plaid.
  2. White. Looks very impressive, because it can be worn both day and evening. The top will fit white, gray, cream. May want to consider pastel shades and variants with ornament. Will look nice and black blouse. If you’re going to a party, you can choose a bright top: blue, red, green, yellow.
  3. Blue. For business image choose top, shoes and accessories in beige, sand, brown tones. More blue pencil skirt will look beautiful with white, pale pink, lemon, turquoise, emerald. Black top should be avoided, it is heavier.
  4. Red. Under the skirt of this color things should be chosen very carefully. Suit brown top, beige, white, black. In any case, the image would be bright and energetic, so it’s best to leave it for the evening out in the light. With the exception of a Burgundy skirt, which is appropriate to wear to the office.
  5. Beige. With bright top image will turn out very tender. Suitable, for example, a blue shirt in thin longitudinal stripes. You can safely choose things the whole chocolate range, creamy tone. The classic look will work with a white top or a blouse, sometimes suited and red.
  6. Blue. If you have a pencil skirt in this color, it is better to select under it a white or light colored things. Fit pastel pink and yellow, beige and peach shades, lilac. A good image will turn out when you mix blue skirt with a striped black and white top.
  7. Grey. Pencil skirt shades of this color universal. Suitable for any image and favorably combined with virtually all shades of both dark and light. If you wear it with a neutral top, you’ll get a business image. By choosing a bright blouse or simply adding some notable accessories that will make you evening outfit.

What to wear with a pencil skirt with high waist

The best option for office would be a classic shirt or blouse. Better to fill it, but if the model is fitted, it is permissible to leave untucked. If you have massive thighs, choose a voluminous top. For the party or walking can pick up a Frank corset tops and t-shirts. The latter could end immediately under the breast or just above the navel. This outfit would look very sexy. On top of a pencil skirt and blouse in the winter you can wear a fitted jacket, bulky sweater or a loose cardigan made of wool, leather or denim jacket.

How to choose shoes and accessories

Best choice shoes or sandals on a thin stiletto heel or high heel. In the cool fit ankle boots. If the fabric from which to sew a pencil skirt with very high waist matte, the shoes can be lacquered. If it is shiny, such as satin, choose shoes made of leather or suede. A pencil skirt or a classic mini length in summer, can wear with ballet flats or sandals on a flat sole.

Accessories should be chosen with the construction style of the costume. Almost always be appropriate to the thin strap of the same color or contrast. For business image, select delicate neutral decoration and for everyday or evening brighter. With the pencil skirt is allowed to wear any bags, if they fit into the style. If you go on a date, you can pick up a sleek, lightweight neck scarf.

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Stylish images with a pencil skirt, 2016 – photos

If you still doubt whether to buy or sew any such thing for your wardrobe, see a selection of pictures. They pencil skirt with a high waist strongly depicted with many things, in conjunction with which will be able to create the perfect fashion images. These clothes any bride will feel beautiful and confident. Looking at the photos, you will understand that the pencil skirt should occupy a worthy place in your wardrobe.

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