How to open dwg format free programs and online services

This extension indicates that the file contains graphical data, drawing. The information is stored in vector form – this format is the most popular option for projects in the CAD programs. Data can be in 2D or 3D view, but some users have difficulty viewing dwg files.

How to open dwg file

To open to view this format, you should use a specialized viewer dwg. In the best case it should be an AutoCAD program (Autocad), but for its use will have to pay a lot of money. If you are not working with this format constantly, this purchase would not be appropriate and much easier to download a free viewer (viewer for dwg files) and open the drawing through it. Many of these applications are compatible with all modern operating systems:

  • Mac (Apple);
  • Windows;
  • Linux.

Free programs to work with dwg

There are a number of free programs which is able to open the format drawing. They do not provide such a broad functionality as their paid counterparts, but to review the drawing or project is enough. It is free to open dwg format:

  1. DWG TrueView. Not require payment utility that allows you to open the format, but not edited. Is «read-only». To use the application you need to register on the website of the developer.
  2. Autodesk Design Review – free version of the program from the creators of AutoCAD. In contrast to its «full» version of this utility does not require payment. Provides the ability to view the document, write notes and comments, but not edit.
  3. Brava! Free DWG Viewer – the easiest option than to open dwg format. To make changes to the drawing. Able to read the program and the extension of XRef.
  4. eDrawings Viewer is a free app from the developers of SolidWorks. It provides the opportunity not only to open but also to print documents in dwg, dxf, edrw.
  5. nanoCAD – free editor for managing CAD entry level. Has the direct support of the project, has all the necessary functionality for working with drawings, design and production. Should download the latest version of nanoCAD contains all necessary corrections and additional features: support for DirectX, autocad files, quick select, auto-correction and auto-completion.
  6. DraftSight is a product of the company Dassault Systèmes, which is distributed free of charge. Does not have manual in Russian, so it is necessary to know English.

Preview dwg files using free online services

Not every computer owner wants to install some software, which will have to use only once. In such cases, to view are good online services which do not require downloading, installation on a PC. How to open dwg format online:

  1. ShareCAD service easy to find in Google search, designed to read documents with the extension of the program Autocad. The application interface is very simple, understandable for any user. Able to open the project, the size of which does not exceed 50 MB. If the file size is exceeded, then it will need to be reduced.
  2. Autodesk 360 is a cloud – based service from Autodesk. To use you need to register, after which you get to use 5 GB of memory for file storage, the ability to view, edit document.

A list of paid professional software

If a person needs not only the ability to read projects, drawings, but also to make changes, and maybe create your own, you should use the full, professional versions of the software. They will help with the issue, than you can open dwg format.

  1. Compass – domestic product from the company «ASKON». Opens the full functionality to work with the drawings, provides the ability to perform work according to series of standards ESKD. The program has several options: Home, LT, 3D, Graphic, ASAP. The first three versions are used for non-commercial purposes. The functionality of such software provides the ability to quickly generate documentation, create additional images, import, export, model, open third-party formats.
  2. AutoCAD – the main tool for engineers, architects. This is a very powerful tool to create projects, drawings in three-dimensional space. A regular user will be difficult to understand, because the work environment is designed for people with knowledge in this area. The program is distributed on a subscription system, to pay for it have regularly. The developers provided full-fledged functionality to create documents, work with tables, text panels, checking of drawings. The application includes the ability to interact with MS Excel.
  3. ArchiCAD is a software package for CAD for architects Graphisoft company. Widely used for designing landscape solutions, building constructions, elements of design, furniture. The main advantage of this software is in a close relationship of all parts of the project together. It is based on the technology of «virtual building», which opens the possibility to work both with individual elements and with the whole drawing entirely. If you make changes in the plan, all specifications will be recalculated automatically be amended to the cuts. This greatly reduces the amount of time when designing. Professional even while creating the drawing will be able to identify potential problems, eliminate them so that they are not evident at later stages or on the construction site.
  4. Advance Steel is an application for AutoCAD, which opens the opportunity for rapid modeling of steel structures. The utility is able to create in automatic mode working and General arrangement drawings, statements, data files for CNC. The app simplifies the interaction with the format to both the individual worker and for the whole team during the collaborative work. Advance Steel is part of a comprehensive solution GRAITEC, which is able to automate the construction process.

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