Phone support yota-hour room service operator

The company Yota is the largest mobile operator in Russia that provides services of mobile communication and the Internet. On the market there are phones with the same name, which was named the first Russian smartphone. Due to the fact that the company appeared relatively recently, some callers do not know how to contact the operator Yota.

How to call the operator Yota

For all users of this mobile network, there is technical support. If desired, the person may directly contact a specialist for answers to your questions. Phone support yota common in all regions of the country, calls to him are free. Staff will answer any questions about packages, connecting or using the Internet. For calls you should use these contact numbers:

  • 8-800-550-00-07 – for individuals;
  • 8-800-550-49-55 – for legal entities;

Free single operator Yota

For all residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian regions can access technical support via the hot line phone: 8 800 550 00 07. Calls are free to landline users, mobile devices. You can round the clock to get any information about rates, account status and balance online. To provide statistics of your account, the employee may be asked to dictate personal data: passport, the answer to the secret question, address. It is necessary to confirm the identity of the cardholder.

Other ways to contact customer support Yota

If you do not want to use phone support yota, to obtain the necessary information using the company’s official website. Each user has the option to create a personal Cabinet (PC). To sign in you can use the social networking profile (Facebook, Vkontakte), not to remember another pair of accesses. From BOS, you can:

  • to check the status of the account;
  • find out your tariff plan;
  • view the latest contacts;
  • to change the speed of the Internet;
  • instantly add funds from any credit card.

If you have any difficulty logging in to personal account, then you should contact help with a single room. If you wish to describe the problem can be made online using a special form of chat on the website. Employee of the technical center will respond in writing to your problem. If the specialist is unavailable, you can describe your problem to the mailbox of the company: All the latest news and changes in tariffs can be found in the relevant section or on the official page Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter.

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