Rugs from scraps of fabric with their hands: step by step instructions

The coating on the floor for the house can be not only bought, but made by your own hands. A needlewoman can sew patchwork rug with your hands in just a few hours, if you will use small trick in its manufacture.

How to make patchwork rugs with your own hands

There are many techniques to make a rug from fabric with your own hands. Each allows you to dream and be creative on the subject of flooring. Special classes and workshops are taught to create three-dimensional or flat rugs, tactilely pleasant or the most simple, «rustic». When selecting any technology it is important to prepare a lot of fabric scraps, which will be useful for the old stuff, unnecessary yarn or even purchased for a low price, jerseys and t-shirts.

Basic techniques for making rugs:

  • Knitting – there is prepared a natural yarn or narrow strips of cloth that bind to the classical scheme.
  • Patchwork is the creation of a mosaic of different patches that are sewn together into one.
  • Netting – similar to knitting, only it does not use knitting needles with a hook, and is the basis on which the superimposed strands or shreds.
  • Stitching – we use ribbons of cloth or balls with synthetic padding inside – so it turns out the volume.

Knitted patchwork rug with your own hands

To make a rug from strips of fabric with their hands in a knitted style, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare material to work with – you can take old t-shirts, which are cut off the bottom seams.
  2. The material is cut with scissors into narrow long strips. Cutting is a spiral, or cut into strips in the folded product (little short of the seam), then opened the thing and cut into one continuous strip.
  3. You can use knitting needles, but easier to do crochet.
  4. The rug fit of the simple loops columns without nakida – get the rectangular form of the product.
  5. If you take 5 loops, to close in a ring, and each row to add a loop, you get a round shape.
  6. For variety, you can mix colors – the rug would be bright, intricate.

Carpets with their hands in the technique of patchwork

Beautiful and original work «patchwork» of the product. Rugs from scraps of fabric in the patchwork is easy to do. To manufacture them the following instructions:

  1. Prepare material – scraps of fabric, scraps, specially bought in stores or online themed pieces with prints.
  2. New fabric wash, amperite, and the old cropping podcherknula, ironed.
  3. For rugs perfect thick fabric, tweed, gabardine, drape.
  4. For greater life of the product, take the lining – this can be foam rubber, padding polyester batting or dense carpet base.
  5. All the pieces of fabric bring to a uniform size and shape, use a template, allowances for dense materials is not necessary.
  6. Take base pristrochite it on all pieces of fabric in a chaotic manner or according to certain drawings and images. Scheme for patchwork can be found in specialized magazines or on the Internet.
  7. When you master simple sewing, you can try mats with curved lines or complex patterns.
  8. Patchwork is a kind of knitted type, in which the cloths are not sewn, and bound together.
  9. To obtain a padded Mat you can apply the technique of quilting in which 2 cloths stitched together, and between them laid the batting.

How to weave a patchwork rug without a hook

If you are not a master of possession crochet, you have the opportunity to weave rugs from scraps of fabric with your hands without it using a small trick. How to do it:

  1. Pick up special large photo frame or make a basis for future product according to the desired sizes of wood.
  2. Two opposite sides of the tamp cloves in increments of 2.5 cm.
  3. For threads use the same old t-shirt or shirt brand.
  4. Pull the threads on cloves – this is the basis.
  5. Take the working thread – let it be a contrast let her in the alternation under Foundation and over it.
  6. Continue to weave the threads turn a different color.
  7. To obtain the fringe, you can tie thread to each other and don’t trim the ends, for plain-weave – it is better to crop.
  8. Periodically, the netting will need to pull up to the first row, to get the desired density.
  9. When you are finished weaving, remove unnecessary details on the wrong side, remove the finished product.
  10. On request, the rug can decorate.

Surround mats patchwork

To produce three-dimensional rugs from scraps of fabric with their hands will need more time and fabric, but it’s worth it. The coating is original, fun and love children. There are several varieties of manufacturing three-dimensional mats:

  1. The basis of the POM-poms for him, take a square pieces of fabric, create the balloons with filler in the form of batting, sew together.
  2. Grandma’s pad for him, trailing braids, which you then sew with each other in a spiral or in any other order thick durable thread.
  3. Cut a thick knitted fabric (jerseys) strips and let them twist – to speed up the process you can wash the strips in the washing machine with only water. Zakruchivaetsya strips are stapled together to form a voluminous rug.
  4. You can tie a long ribbon of yarn with a width of 10 cm and a length of several meters, in each row of the last loop knit across the row as purl to the canvas spun. Then put material in the correct order (spiral, circle) and sew together.
  5. There is an opportunity to knit a spiral – it needs to capture and knit into the outermost loop of the finished fabric.
  6. To create with their hands Mat in the form of grass you need to prepare Foundation – hard mesh, which is sold in DIY stores. It is better to take large cells where passed to the hook. Prepare fabric and knitting strips or cotton. To start the weave better than with the center – you need to position the strip under the mesh and a hook to pull both ends on the front surface, then a sling to tie a tight knot on the wall of the cell. Fill in all the cells, you will get a fluffy rug.

Video: Mat fabric with your hands

Make yourself pleasant and practical rug from scraps is simple – you can be creative or borrow ideas from Internet and magazines. Your Mat associated with their hands, will give hand warmth and will appreciate the comfort. For a better understanding of techniques of its implementation view the following video, which clearly and explains the secrets of the creation of the stylish products.

Patchwork Mat with their hands

Grandma’s carpet from remnants of fabric

Braided rugs from fabric

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