Why lips dry women, men and children: causes and treatment

Many believe that dry, cracked lips is a cosmetic issue. Skin, including the lips, is an indicator of the health of the body, so you need to watch for any changes in the skin, especially if it is dry and cracked. What are the causes of these symptoms?

Causes of dry lips

There are many reasons why lips are often dry, which the person may not even suspect. Men, women and children, the causes of these symptoms may be different. In order to find out why I have chapped lips, you need to evaluate your health condition, way of life, because the cause of this problem may be:

  1. Improper nutrition – deficient diet in which the body does not receive necessary quantity of vitamins, minerals necessary for normal functioning. Deficiency of b vitamins, low hemoglobin level is a common cause of skin peeling on the lips. During pregnancy, when the body lacks vitamins, there may be cracks on the lips.
  2. Dehydration of the body. Low water intake, low humidity environment is the most common reason why peel off the skin.
  3. The adverse weather conditions. In winter, when the outdoor temperature drops sharply, and the room for heating appliances humidity reaches 10-20%, the lips are particularly affected by dehydration. In such conditions, they are easy to obotrite, why can appear cracks, which are very difficult to anesthetize. The cold frosty wind harm delicate skin, if not to protect her special balms.
  4. Allergic reactions can also be a reason lips peel. Allergy symptoms can be accompanied by redness, itching, feeling that the skin is «burning».
  5. Viruses and infections. During illness the body is weakened dramatically dehydrated. If nasal congestion due to colds, breathing is disturbed, and the skin and the mouth begins to dry.
  6. Bad habits. Excessive consumption of alcohol, Smoking, adversely affect the health of the skin. Bad habits lowered immunity – this means that there is a series of skin ailments, because it first takes the brunt of external influence.
  7. Side effects of medications. The use of antibiotics, strong painkillers can cause a goiter, which becomes the reason why the lips dry.

Why cracked corners of the lips in a child

Why lips dry the child? This is often a sign of dehydration or a vitamin deficiency. Cracks in the corners of the mouth can be very painful, crusty and deliver discomfort even during the meal. Children’s bodies are particularly sensitive to changes in the environment, foods, so parents need to find out the real cause of unpleasant symptoms. The most common factors that can cause dryness of the lips of the child:

  1. Beriberi. Very often in spring, when after winter lacks vitamins, the baby can crack lips. Will help in this issue power adjustment, additional vitamin therapy.
  2. Dehydration. In the house where the children live, it is important to maintain high humidity. This can be done simply by placing water containers in the rooms. Also ensure that the child consumed enough fluids.
  3. Problems with nasal breathing. As a result of chronic diseases of the nasopharynx, allergic reactions in children can disrupt nasal breathing, then the baby begins to breathe through the mouth, which leads to problems with the skin of the lips. In this case, you should immediately consult an otolaryngologist to assign the correct treatment.
  4. Fungal infection of the skin. The appearance of cracks on the lips, accompanied by a whitish coating in the middle, especially on the lower lip, can be caused by a fungus. To determine the true causes you need to consult a dermatologist, and if the fungus is found, then no antifungal drugs do not.

To what doctor to address

The first specialist, who should be contacted is the physician. The General practitioner will determine why there were problems with the skin and if necessary refer you to a specialist narrow profile – infectious disease doctor, immunologist, dermatologist. If the skin is dry and cracks no, you can just increase the amount of fluids you drink and use a moisturizing lip balm. If lips are bright red, bleed or have a white plaque, begins to want to brush, you need to consult a doctor.

What to do and how to treat dry lips at home

After clarification of the reasons why your lips dry, you need to carry out immediate treatment. This can be done at home. Often the treatment is accompanied by a vitamin therapy, the use of local medicinal and cosmetic products such as creams, moisturizing balms, creams and masks with vitamins, oils. In the correct means to care for lips and skin around the mouth should contain 4 types of components:

  • healing;
  • moisturizing;
  • protective;
  • vitamin.

To healing components include aloe Vera, vitamins A and E, extracts of chamomile and calendula, honey. The moisturizing properties of vegetable oil and glycerin and protective vitamin C, panthenol, beeswax. At home just to make a mask using in the composition of these components in different combinations, for example:

  • a teaspoon of honey and Shea butter (0.5 teaspoon);
  • melted beeswax (warm, not hot) and few drops of vitamin E;
  • olive oil and aloe Vera 1:1.

Such a mask is applied for 10-15 minutes, then wash off with warm water. After the procedure it is better to apply a moisturizing lip balm. If on her lips no wounds, then before applying the mask useful to treat the skin with a mild facial scrub or homemade mixture of ground coffee with honey. Such procedures are carried out not continuously, and not more than 3 times per week until the wound will not heal. We must not forget that cosmetic procedures are used in conjunction with the main treatment.

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