Pick up the hat.

Many girls, going to shopping, opt for simple and practical clothes. Choosing the perfect way, they complement it with various accessories. But only a few focus on this element of the image, as a woman’s hat.

Подбираем шляпу по типу лица

Some girls are afraid that will not be able to fit the hat to your casual look, and some do think that hat doesn’t suit them. This is not entirely true. Before buying this cute and feminine accessory, you need to know what type is right for you.

If a person universal shape, oval, then you can choose almost any style of hat. A good choice is a pillbox or chauffeur’s caps. But do not forget that the top hat should be wider than your cheekbones. Round face shape allows you to make a choice in favor of hats with large surround fields and a medium or high crown. As for hats, asymmetrical shape with oversized details.


If your face is heart shaped, you need to pay attention to the hats with a small brim, berets or hats-bells. These styles will balance the proportions and accentuate your beauty.

The face in the form of a rectangle, it is best to look in a hat with a wide brim and medium crown. These styles make a person more harmonious. However, it is to be careful to hats geometric shape with a narrow brim.

For square shaped faces would be ideal hats with an oversized wide brim, abundant curves and high crown. This style will help to equalize the proportions and visually draw out the shape of the face. Is carefully to choose a small hat with a tiny brim. You can add a little twist by wearing a hat to the side.

When choosing a hat, you need to remember a few simple rules. Ideally, fields should not extend beyond your shoulders. If the girl is tall, her choice should be in favor of hats with a wide brim and low crown. The owners of low growth would be ideal miniature high hats decorated with voluminous details.

A hat is necessary to select strictly according to the size, otherwise it can turn into a headache. So choose this wonderful accessory you need to consider if it fits to your outfit. Hats all, just need to pick up your win-win.

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