How to properly and effectively wear the sash

More recently, on the streets of cities are increasingly girls, in the way which occurs such a new-fangled accessory, like a belt. And wear it as with dresses and over blouses and shirts.

Как правильно и эффектно носить портупею

Initially, the belt was a mount for convenient carrying of weapons in the military, and it consisted of the minimum number of connected leather stripes. Now this accessory has endless options of finishes, colors, weaving. But still, in order to wear it, you need to carefully think about the whole way, or instead of boldness and sexuality, mistress of fashion accessory will look simply tacky and stupid.

Best belt would look on a plain, as simple dresses, MIDI or Maxi. Also, a good combination of simple, monotonous things with a minimal amount of drawing, as by itself, the belt is a self — contained piece of clothing. Here the emphasis is on all kinds of weaves like straps girdling waist, and runs under the chest or on various studs, rhinestones, buttons, buckles and other decoration on the straps.

From fabrics it is better to look light and airy. The most sexy looks a combination of leather with airy chiffon or delicate lace. But a thin knit or denim will look great in combination with the belt not worse. Particularly elegant looks of the leather band on the low-necked back.

For office girls, too, can choose the option to look stylish, not vulgar and in business. The standard white blouse, strict pencil skirt successfully will be supplemented with thin straps beige, light gray, or black. The belt itself should not contain any massive fixtures, or unnecessary adornments.

An unusual and intriguing and will look to harness not over and under clothing. The point is that the straps could be seen, but not fully, that is, it must be either very light translucent top or décolleté holding thing.

Do not combine the belt with mini-dresses, ultra-short shorts, botfortas, clothing with large pockets, with the existing belts or ties. So ridiculous it will look with other self-sufficient decorations, for example, with a massive necklace or earrings.

It should be remembered, daring to wear a accessory that he needs to be a focus. Then others will notice and will appreciate.

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