3 tips for beautiful and long eyelashes

Beautiful, thick and long eyelashes is every woman’s dream. But it’s not always all they are. Seductive lashes in our time are not an unattainable dream. Let’s see how you can help them.

3 совета для красивых и длинных ресниц

Quality mascara

One of the most affordable and fastest ways how to achieve amazing looking lashes — good mascara. It will give them a seductive volume, and special additives and a dense fiber brush perfectly separates lashes one from the other, to avoid the bonding effect. If you have straight lashes before applying mascara can use a Curling iron.

  Permanent eyelashes

Another option is to visit a certified salon in order to create permanent eyelashes. They are glued with special glue method «eyelash to eyelash». The cost of the procedure is influenced by that fact, eyelashes are natural or artificial. This method is practiced today is quite ordinary, but if you don’t want to damage your own lashes, choose a certified salon, which guarantees the quality of not only products but also customer service.

  Serum for eyelash growth

If you do not fit the above methods, you can try a special serum for growth and strengthen lashes. They are countless, but all have one thing in common – patience is a virtue. They differ from each other, both cost and quality of the manufacturer. So before purchasing it is advisable to read product reviews.

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