Paragliding — a sport on the height of bird flight

Paragliding – a sport that is carried out by paragliding. A paraglider is a wing with a wingspan of ten meters in the form of an ellipse, which is controlled through the attached lanyard. Each sling, which may seem to be a thread that can withstand 150-200 lbs.

Парапланеризм — спорт на высоте птичьего полета

A glider flies without an engine. In order to climb into the sky, the wing is just to catch an updraft, which fills it with a two-layer fabric of the wing. To fly paraglider on this thread for hours and fly several kilometers. The paraglider folds in the same way as the parachute, which is easy to carry.

Remember that paragliding is an extreme sport that involves danger, to which you should always be ready. This sport depends more on the pilot than the glider. Most importantly, how adequately the pilot assesses the situation, your capabilities, weather conditions, because the desire for subjugation of new heights too addictive and you can lose vigilance.

Despite the fact that sports gliders can reach speed up to 65 km/hour, it is not necessary to fly at maximum speed. The optimum speed of the glider is 22 km/h. The fact that at high speed, flying is the most dangerous, causing the wing can be folded, which consequently will lead to irreversible consequences.

The speed of the glider must be carefully monitored. If the speed is below acceptable under the dome gets the right amount of rising air, with the result that the wing begins to take shape, but still tries to compensate the missing flow and moves forward, adjusting speed. This is due to its flexibility, but in the case of folding, you need to take control into their own hands and «catch» the air. On average, rolling gliders, flying instructor, flight time is approximately 15-20 minutes. You can fly many kilometers – a world record was set at 423 kilometers.

Paragliding is an interesting and extreme sports, but paragliding is expensive. The cost ranges from 300 to 3000 euros. This difference in cost depends on the manufacturer, the components of the wing and other consumables. The service life of the glider reaches three years, as for the production of the wing use a soft cloth for ease of aircraft. Under the influence of sunlight, the fabric deteriorates, it becomes less durable and flexible.

You should understand all the responsibility of this sport, especially if the paraglider wants to become an instructor. In this case, he will be responsible not only for their lives but for the lives of others. It should be noted that adhering to all safety regulations – many deaths can be avoided.

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