Why cucumbers turn yellow germ

To grow quite a bountiful harvest of cucumbers, even the novice gardener, because cucumbers — culture is not very capricious, does not require a lot of attention. However, if you break some growing conditions, it can have a negative impact on the fruit, for example, they may begin to turn yellow.

Почему желтеют зародыши огурцов

Why yellow germ cucumbers in the greenhouse

In most cases yellowing germ of cucumbers in the greenhouse are beginning because of violations of the heat mode when the ambient temperature is either too low or too high. If cucumbers are grown outdoors, then the yellowing is just due to low temperature at growing crops in the greenhouse because of the high. It is worth noting that the cucumbers — the culture of thermophilic, her ovaries may turn yellow and fall off at temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius (in case of prolonged stay in such conditions) in order to avoid this disease you need to make every effort so that the temperature did not fall below a specified level and has not hesitated in the night and daytime hours more than 10 degrees.

Yellowing and falling of the ovaries greenhouse cucumbers — too common ailment. The fact is that if the temperature is above 32 degrees, the pollen loses its former activity, the flowers are not pollinated. Another reason for neopilina flowers in a greenhouse is incorrectly chosen plant varieties. The fact that bees in the greenhouse fly very rarely, so for growing plants in such structures should give preference to self-pollinating hybrids.

Detrimental to the development of the ovaries could be influenced by incorrect watering. The use for irrigation is too cold water can trigger the development of the cucumbers only «male flowers», the female ovaries will just fall off. It is important and the time of irrigation, for example, on colder days it is desirable to conduct the mornings and evenings, best time is in the afternoon, hot and Sunny, on the contrary, watering in the daytime would negatively affect the development of plants, in this case, watering must be done either before nine a.m. or after 18 PM.

Yellowing of the ovary on the cucumbers can, and due to the lack of micronutrients. Most often gardeners for fertilizing using nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are thinking that this is sufficient for normal crop development. But it is not. The absence in the soil of a sufficient amount of boron, zinc, copper and others will inevitably lead to yellowing, and eventually fall of the ovaries.

Bacteriosis is a disease, which quite often attack cucumbers, and that in this disease the germ culture turn yellow. Disease manifests itself in the following way: on the ovaries appear small yellowish ulcers, after a short period of time, the embryos rot and fall off.

Why yellow germ cucumbers in the greenhouse and what to do

First you need to figure out the reason why the ovary will turn yellow and then eliminate it. If the yellowing is due to violations of the thermal regime, it is necessary to establish: for growing cucumbers in the open ground at night to cover the culture of special materials, when grown in the greenhouse at night to close the Windows and doors of the structure, and days not to forget to ventilate.

If planted in the greenhouse cucumbers are not self-pollinating varieties, then necessarily you need to care about bringing bees into the greenhouse or himself contribute to the pollination of female ovaries. The easiest way is to break some male flowers and gently rubbing them female.

If the cause yellowing of the germ — incorrect watering is required to adjust it to water the plants daily, with warm water and only the roots. If the weather is cool and soil moist in the greenhouse, the watering is desirable to reduce.

With a shortage of trace elements, is not difficult to guess, you need to feed the plants. For feeding can be used as the purchase of complex fertilizer, and improvised on the basis of weed and ash.

If the cucumber was struck by bacteriosis, it is enough to handle the culture, or 1% Bordeaux liquid, or with any other fungicide, for example, «Kvadris», «Topaz», «Alyett», etc. and to prevent this disease, before planting you need to conduct a complex of measures against fungal infections.

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