What is interesting to know about the hats

Ladies of today began to give less importance to the hats and other headgear, more focusing on shawls, scarves, bags and other accessories. But now designers are reviving the fashion for hats, and offer us a variety of modern options for all occasions.

Что интересно знать про головные уборы

There is a perception that caps the female half of the population was wearing only warming or sun-protection properties. If you look back in the not too distant past, easy to remember, as a weak half of humanity stood in huge queues in order to try and buy a hat. This excitement happened in the days of the legendary Madame Coco. Thanks to the headdress, the overall image takes on a completeness and conciseness, she argued.

The hit parade of popularity of hats, according to designers

One of the oldest hats beret is considered that due to its clarity and brevity can lend grace and femininity to any look. The girl do not have to wear long skirts and dresses in order to appear delicate, it will be enough to wear a beret, and she stands in front of others mysterious and romantic Parisian.

Strict caps and the caps in the autumn fashion women will not look like a man, but quite the contrary, will set off the femininity. With a stylish and romantic details, this headpiece will blend in perfectly with classic coats and sheepskin coats.

A feminine hat with a transparent veil will surely change the image of its owner beyond recognition.

Model knitted caps adjacent silhouette will be indispensable for daily look in the cold season. Fashion guru recommended to combine these hats with coats, jackets and even luxurious fur coats. Welcome various color palette, except for the garish neon colours.

Capless natural long-haired fur in the cold season will be an indicator of luxury, self-sufficiency and sense of taste. Constant favorites are the Fox and mink.

Gangster notes can be traced in wide-brimmed dark hats that demonstrate confidence and independence of its owner.

The Western motif in the cold season will look ambiguous, but very harmonious, especially in tandem with long dresses or skirts.

Earflaps in cold season is also relevant. This model of headgear will appear in a simplified position, with the use of artificial materials that retain heat well in the winter cold.

Designer brothers took care of women’s minds before the upcoming cold weather, so that soon you can safely experiment and stand out.

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