How to find out your phone number Tele2: step by step instructions

This mobile operator that launched its service recently, acquired a large number of subscribers. Users who have recently begun to use mobile services of this company, are sometimes faced with the problem of how to get the number to Tele2. There are several options that will help to do this if immediately hard to remember.

What should I do if I forgot my number at Tele2

In the beginning, use the new starter pack few know how to Tele2 to know your number. For this you can use different methods, but some of them are available without a complex manipulation, for example:

  1. Carry a map with a starter pack. It takes up no more space than a conventional Bank plastic. There is sure to be written in your phone and additional information, and you will always be able to get it out of your wallet or purse.
  2. Write down the phone in a notebook, tear out a page and glue to the back cover of the device. This method is well suited for older people who are unable to use other options how to find out your phone number as Tele2.
  3. To make the phonebook your phone and sign, for example «I». We just need to go to the directory and look a contact with this name.

How to see your number on Tele2

If you know your phone is an urgent need, and he never recorded, then it is possible to use other ways to know the number of Tele2. Keep in mind a short telephone reference service or short query to the database. You can:

  • call the help Desk;
  • send a USSD command;
  • to register a personal Cabinet;
  • to make a call to another mobile.

To call to another number

This simple option how to quickly know your phone number Tele2 or any other operator that is already using a very long call to another mobile. Manufacturers have supplied all the cellular devices autoproclamees, which displays on the screen a series of numbers, and you immediately identify the person who is calling you. You will be able to define your phone by dialing a family member or friend. The exception would be the situation if you have activated the service «calling number identification restriction: if it is set, send each message to sms, this feature does not apply.

Contact the service support operator

Another method how to find out your phone number Tele2 is to call a service company. Minus of this method – the response of the operator may have to wait. To communicate with a specialist you can use several options:

  1. Dial 611 on your phone and make a call. This is the free telephone support that will help you to contact a specialist company. After answering machine starts talking, you can immediately press 0. You will connect with the employee as soon as he’s free. You can find out he is not only the number but also the current balance, the name of your package, obtain information on other rates.
  2. Subscribers who are in roaming, you need to use a different number – +79515200611. Calls are also free.

Check rooms Tele2 with the help of USSD-request

Option, which is supported by all modern mobile operators – sending USSD commands. It is very easy to remember, are not charged, you will receive a response in the form of a message on the screen after 2-3 seconds. To do this, the operator must dial the key combination *201#, which will send the query to the database, and in response the user will get the numbers ID of the phone that was sent to team.

To use your personal account on the official website of the company

If you have access to the Internet, you can get the entire information about your plan, learn numbers in your profile on the website of the company. It opens wide possibilities for the management of your plan, additional functions for replenishment and change of the package. To get into the member area (mA):

  1. Go to the website Link, copy, paste into the address bar of Internet Explorer. To login you can use your computer or smartphone. When you click on the link before you will be a big green button «Login». For authorization you need to enter your phone in the format of «+7», specify the region where you served.
  2. When you first login password will be created automatically after clicking «Get.» He will come to you in the form of SMS, enter it to login in the CP.
  3. To avoid having to enter code each time you visit, tick the save button. Now the entrance to the office will be carried out automatically. Use this function only on your phone or home computer, access to which only you have and family members. Do not perform this operation in the computer room, a party or at work.
  4. After completing all the above steps click «Enter», the system will redirect you to the page self. The LK interface is very simple, all the basic data is visible immediately in the first window (your phone number at the top of the screen).

Videotutorial: how to check the number on Tele2

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