Shoulder bag: stylish and comfortable

Business bag for work and special for a romantic evening, a clutch and a crossbody – it’s all about the handbag. Already long ago, fashionistas and stylists agreed that for women to have the only bag in the cloakroom is a crime. A properly chosen handbag can make the image exclusive. In the case of this accessory, do not forget about convenience. Most meets this bag, designed to be worn over the shoulder. Today there are at least 5 ways to wear this accessory on your shoulder and across your shoulder to look stylish.

Сумка через плечо: стильно и удобно


1. Put the bag on a long strap on the shoulder, put a hand on her. This method is probably the most common. Hand is holding the accessory on the shoulder, causing it to fit tightly to the body. This method of wearing the most common among business women, is characterized by practicality. It allows you to control the contents of the accessory.

2. Place the bag loosely on the shoulder and forget about it. The option of wearing the accessory on the shoulder is very stylish. The bag sits on the shoulder freely, does not restrict the actions of his mistress. This option makes the image of its owner free and independent. Wear so easy and can not afford any woman, because the image as a whole is obliged to comply with.

3. Loop the bag over your shoulder and place it in the front. Not have purse-crossbody in my closet today is unreasonable. It is not just stylish but also very handy accessory. Such variants are characterized by small size, which allows to wear bag over the shoulder. When choosing handbags pay attention to the length and width of the belt. Well-chosen accessory should not sit too high or hang too low. The belt should generally match the physique of the hostess bags. Ladies with wide hips, a variant in which the bag is located around the hips, not suitable, as it will make the hips wider. Overly narrow strap can dig into the body, so it is better to prefer medium or broad size.

4. Slip the bag over your shoulder, but put it back. This stylish and convenient way to carry the bag over the shoulder fit and determined natures. Bags designed to be worn over the shoulder, are best suited for informal outputs. The advantage of this accessory is that it does not spoil your posture. Bag crossbody, worn ago, forced to straighten up and will not allow you to slouch. So it is not only fashionable but also helpful for your posture. This is the preferred method for young fashionistas.

5. Use a bag designed to be worn in the hands, for fixing on the shoulder. We are talking about bags with short stiff handles. They can optionally have a shoulder strap, but it’s not about him. It turns out, this bag also can be worn over the shoulder. This is a great option for ladies who do not carry bags with long shoulder strap. This method is hardly suitable for every day, but sometimes to give his image for the highlights and hands-free, it can be successfully applied.

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