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In updating to Windows 10 (1607) there are several new apps, one of them — «Connect» (Connect) allows you to turn your computer or laptop to a wireless monitor, working on Miracast (see on this subject: How to connect your laptop or computer to TV via Wi-Fi).

That is, if you have devices that support wireless broadcast of images and sound (e.g., Android phone or tablet), you can transfer the contents of their screen on your PC with Windows 10. Then — about how it works.

Stream from your mobile device to your Windows 10

All you have to do is open the app «Connect» (you can find it using the search Windows 10, or just in the all programs list on the start menu).

After that (while the application is running) your computer or laptop will be able to decide as a wireless monitor devices connected to the same Wi-Fi and supports Miracast.

For example, look how the connection will appear on your Android phone or tablet.

First of all, the computer and the device that will run the stream must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Or, if you have no router, but the computer (laptop) with Wi-Fi adapter, you can enable mobile hotspot on it and connect to it from your device (see the first method in the instructions to distribute the Internet on Wi-Fi with laptop in Windows 10). After that, the notifications, press the icon «Stream».

If you will be notified that the device is not detected, go to the broadcast settings and make sure that the wireless monitors are enabled (see the screenshot).

Select wireless monitor (it will have the same name as your computer) and wait until will be connected. If all goes well, you will see the image of the screen of your phone or tablet in the app window «Connect».

For convenience, you can include a landscape screen orientation on a mobile device, and the application window on the computer open in full screen.

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Additional information and notes

After experimenting on three computers, I noticed that not all the function works well (thought to be due to equipment, in particular Wi-Fi adapter). For example, on a MacBook with Boot Camp Windows 10 to connect, and not managed.

Judging by the notice which appeared when connecting Android phone — the Device that projects the image via a wireless connection, does not support touch input with the mouse on this computer», some devices such input should support. Guess it could be smartphones on Windows 10 Mobile, ie, for them, using the app «Connect», you can probably get wireless Continuum».

Well, what about the practical benefits of the connection is the same Android phone or tablet this way: I did not invent itself. Well, except that bringing your smartphone in any presentations and show them using this app on the big screen, which is controlled by Windows 10.

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