Procedure boost-up for hair: procedure details, photos and reviews

Bulk clean hair immediately transforms the appearance of the girl, making it expressive. Every morning women conjure my hair to look 100%. Is there a way to create volume at the roots for a longer time? The procedure Boost up – a good decision!

What is Boost-up

You want to resistant hair volume at the roots for 6 months? While the strands will not succumb to the harsh treatment temperature or aggressive chemicals. Elena Glinka, a professional hairdresser, offers a new way to restore natural beauty. What is a Boost up for your hair? This is a special technique of creating volume to the roots with the help of special cosmetics.

The wizard handles the lower strand and the upper touches. Though the procedure called Perm (Vlissingen), the hair remain straight, and their volume increases. How long does the result? Professionals say that at least six months. The strands look thick, strong and healthy, so the procedure is especially recommended to owners of fine and thin hair. Boost-up is retained after washing, styling, getting wet in the rain, this amount is not afraid of wind and humidity.

Technology of performance a Boost-up for hair

The procedure lasts approximately 2-3 hours, and it is better to trust the professional. The hair is applied to the active compound, in whose main active ingredient is cystamine hydrochloride – organic substance with a structure similar to human hair. The product is considered safe even for weak strands. Professionals work with high-quality compositions (Pall Mitchel, Iso Option). However, if there is damage to the structure, it is better to first undergo a course of recovery.

Boost-up for short hair

Too short the strands, the procedure is not performed since the effect can be unpredictable. In other cases, the Boost-up for short hair and medium length has positive results. The wizard will only affect the root zone, therefore, the algorithm procedure is almost same for different lengths of strands. To prepare for the biozavivka is not necessary, but it is not recommended to wash your hair before the session (although you can meet and converse). Conduct Boost-up takes place in seven stages:

  1. The upper sections are separated from the main mass of hair – they are not affected during the procedure.
  2. The root zone is wound on a special curler or studs. This is the long and laborious step. The wizard must have a high degree of professionalism. It is important not to involve themselves the roots and ends. Processed 6-15 cm area from the basal distance.
  3. On wound strands cause spectator. Do not allow any active part on the roots and scalp – it is unsafe.
  4. Curls wrapped in aluminum foil.
  5. The exposure time is 5 minutes.
  6. Curlers or pins are removed, the head well washed with a special shampoo and conditioner for treated hair. Shampoo should be free of sulphates (no SLS).
  7. Makes styling easier. For this purpose, the hair – curls must be well smooth to avoid creases.

Procedure Boost-up for long hair

The only difference in this case is the length of the treated hair. Master affects about 15 cm strands. The rest of the steps remain the same. The duration of the procedure significantly increases depending on the number of hairs. If a woman has long and dense hair, she can sit in the cabin up to three to five hours. Price Boost up volume strongly depends on these parameters. To Perm has not lost its appearance ahead of time, you should wash your hair with shampoo without sulfates, preferably of the same brand that the active ingredients.

Is it possible to make the root volume of hair Boost up yourself

Procedure Boost-up for hair can theoretically be done at home. However, it is difficult, especially for an inexperienced person. You will face such challenges:

  • You will wrap the locks is very long, and hands tired.
  • The important point is that the number and quality of special composition. To find a professional tool is not so easy, and to what extent to apply it on your hair, master guided on the spot.
  • Not less laborious procedure for removing the studs, and this must be done quickly and painlessly.
  • The last stage of the styling, also requires a certain level of skill.

If you are ready for such challenges, feel free to create volume with their hands. Follow the algorithm specified above. How to remove Boost-up from the hair, if you don’t like it? At one time get rid of the persistent volume, please contact the beauty salon. Barbers will make chemical or keratin straightening curls. At home to pay a result is almost impossible. The growth of the hair amount is gradually decreasing, but the shape of the hairstyle will change not for the better.

Whether the cons of the procedure

In order not to harm yourself and not to an unsatisfactory result, refer to the contraindications. This:

  • pregnancy, breast-feeding, menstruation (the stock could drop quickly);
  • Allergy to components of the active composition;
  • hormonal means of a strong medication;
  • excessive hair loss, a weakened immune system;
  • strands, dyed or henna Basma.

Hair after the Boost-up can become brittle, dull and lifeless. There is a possibility that they will be much stronger mixing, until the formation of tangles. The loss of strands is also common after biozavivki. Still some significant disadvantages: a small number of professionals in this area, the high cost of the procedure (from 3500 rubles), the complexity of the correction of the results, discomfort during the creation of Boost-up.

Photo Boost-up: before and after

Attractive result that you see with your own eyes, always inspiring more theoretical stories. Look at the photos the difference is obvious. Even «sleek» strands after Boost-up nicely lifted, as if on them long conjured the wizard. The hair looks very natural, and the best part is that this effect persists for several months.

Video: workflow for creating hair volume at the roots


Oksana, 30 years

I really liked the Brazilian blowout. The Barber did everything at the highest level. Hairs in place, not fall, remains beautiful volume. Strands not so fast dirty, glisten, shimmer in the sun, grow faster. Need to spare money on high-quality procedure, then the effect will be stunning and long-lasting.

Alenka, 25 years

I did the Boost-up about a year ago, turned out the dandelion!!! My hair is light, and still painted under the blonde. Dissatisfied with the result at all. Began to look for ways how to get rid of the problem. Master anything sensible did not advise, only part of the lamination that had to be done every week for three months. Then the strands growing back, and I cut them down.

Nick, 31 years

My opinion about the procedure is twofold. Once done, I could not get enough – no more long pilings in the morning and look always fresh. When the curls began to grow, my enthusiasm has waned. At the head of the roots looks sleek, and closer to the middle of the space. Very ugly. OK to put this «beauty» is difficult.

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