Things to remember when dealing with a child

Many articles and literature on the relationship between children and adults in the family. Most of the sources focuses on the word «children», this showing the difference between the relationships. Yes, it happened that adults are adults, children, something special. Creatures, for which a separate approach is required and selective attitude. But is it really?

Что необходимо помнить при общении с ребенком

Indeed, the little man is helpless and needs constant support, love and training. But should you don’t overdo it, treating children as a crystal vase or, on the contrary, you need one hundred percent treat them as full members of the family? Whether or not to allow the child to problems of adult society or, on the contrary the blame on him all their problems and misfortunes?

The first thing you must do young man is a great love and constant attention. Even giving it to yourself, it is important to understand that the adults around, not going anywhere and is always ready to help and listen.

Food and clothing the minor issues, they largely depend on the well-being of the family in which the child grows. But, if you think about it, a lot of happy children growing in families with limited means.

The little man, he grew up self-sufficient, standing with an early age accustomed to independence. This is not to say that all he does, and that is in his possibilities. For example, in the villages and to this day the younger generation have their duties which they, depending on age, can and should perform. Maybe it’s the little things and let things done clumsily, but it allows children to feel equal participants. Thus children learn about their involvement in family Affairs.

Control of the child can be done in different ways. It can be unobtrusive observation and direction in the right direction, and may be in the form of authoritarian report. What would you choose adult for yourself? Of course, most first.

The parenting style of the child depends on the family, its beliefs and faith. But the main thing is the example of parents. No matter how much they talked about bad habits and their inadmissibility. If they’re doing it themselves, not expect the child that behavior. Of course, there are cases when drinking family grows the child with rejection of alcohol, but who can guarantee that a particular event will happen again.

Finally, many trying to raise an independent child, blaming all of your problems. Say, I’m not hiding anything and share with him as an equal. The immature psyche of the child only suffers from this, he is not mentally prepared to take on these challenges. Who will rise out of the girl, whose mother constantly berates and calls father? Chances are she is a little hate of all men in the world.

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