How to plant geraniums on the balcony

Many people want to on the balcony they had a garden. To care for him, not everyone. Meanwhile, even planted geraniums on the balcony are many, and in a flowered form, this plant is very beautiful.

Как посадить герань на балконе

You will need

  • Flower stands from steel materials.
  • The pots for the geraniums.
  • Containers of geraniums.
  • The ground.
  • Packages for the shelter.
  • Spray.
  • Lake.
  • The seeds of geraniums.
  • Shoots of geranium.
  • «Adult» plants of geranium.


1. To grow pelargoniums in several ways. If you prefer the seed method, then you need to buy a ready-made seeds in the store, or purchase them from plants from a trusted manufacturer. Immediately check with a variety of geraniums — they are not so little. Seeds are sown in the ground, from above it is possible to cover their a package or glass. It allows to form water, and watering will be done by itself. Watering seeds is difficult, they shift from space to grow spontaneously, you will have to carry out change. But to ventilate the seedlings it is necessary, otherwise it will rot. 2 weeks after sprouts appear.

2. Stick method is also effective. To plant the cuttings when they will have at least 4 leaves. But very tall plant will create problems. They have to get used to the climate on the balcony, and adult plants can not cope with the problem in a short time. Transplanted the sprouts into the soil, watch their condition. It is also important to check the condition of the soil. It should not be dried or handled. If lumps are formed — they need to be replaced, adding fresh soil.

3. Often the owners go from the simple and place on the balcony ready plants. This is a good method, very effective. But don’t be surprised if the flowers will quickly die. Store-bought plants create a comfortable environment, time to transplant them in normal soil covers at the time of cold. Often plants from the store die. Buy them individually, arrange them in quarantine to find out, do not they have brought with them any of the disease. If the balcony is glazed — provide air flow to the plants, they do not tolerate dryness and heat. If he, on the contrary, open — to make sure that pelargonium is not dried in the sun and not suffered from the cold.

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