How to do makeup «sea breeze»

In hot summer days, a reminder of the spring is particularly pleasing. But the main theme remains the Golden sand, the resort mood, water surface a unique color. Makeup Sea breeze will help to create the right mood.

Как сделать макияж "морской бриз"

You will need

  • Palette BEAUTY MAKEUP 78 eyeshadow colors and blush.
  • Givenchy Phenomen’ Eyes Waterproof #3 Croisere Lagoon mascara.
  • Base under the shadow of «Prime and fine from Catrice.
  • Blush in the balls Hungry rose room 02.
  • Lip gloss Oriflame The One Power Shine.


1. Start the makeup after pre-treatment of the face. First you need to apply a base under shadows. It is applied to the upper eyelids, a little on the bottom. Apply the eye shadow applicator is the usual, but under their eyes, it is applied to the side, and the best — the pointed part.

2. Now apply a light shadow color — Golden, select from the top row. Apply a layer evenly, covering the entire lid beneath the eyebrow. Below the eyelashes you need to apply dark shade of sea waves from the palette, apply the applicator to his side, swiping along the lash line. The above apply lightest eyeshadow color «Sea wave». Apply a little eyeshadow under the eye, closer to the lash line, quite a bit, near the nose and on the pointed part.

3. Use the mascara. Don’t forget to paint over the lashes at the corners of his eyes. Paint mascara on bottom lashes, but be careful. Since the bottom must be the shade, the stains under them will not be visible, but it is better to do makeup akkuratno.

4. Apply blush. Remember — they covered the area around the school.

5. Apply lip gloss. It has a pearlescent shade, it should be applied carefully. All makeup is ready, no need to use makeup in excess.

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