Male manicure at home

Well-groomed hands and nails for men is rather a necessity than a tribute to the latest trends. To perform manicure the representatives of the stronger sex can the house, without referring to specialists. To care of the beauty and health of nails, it is enough to consider the sequence of the procedure.

Мужской маникюр в домашних условиях

Tidy the nails and skin on hands men and can independently at home. This decision will allow to save on going to the salon. Besides home care is a guarantee of safety manicure. However, the implementation of manicure requires a specific set of tools. Depending on the chosen technology, it may include tweezers, an orange stick for cuticles nail file for polishing and creams, massage oils, skin, gel for the treatment of cuticles, bath.

Continuity of care at home will be virtually the same as in the cabin:

  • First, you need to wash your hands in warm water and dry well the skin. If you wish, even at this stage you can use a scrub for hands.
  • Then you need the nails to give shape. Usually for men the shape of the plate is selected in accordance with the shape of fingertips. To handle the nails recommended by the nail, not nail scissors, to avoid delamination. Nail file necessary to process the plate in one direction at an angle of 45 degrees. There is no need to cut corners, otherwise the nails can grow into the future.
  • Then you can start steaming the skin and softening the cuticle. This hands dipped in a warm bath for a few minutes. If we are talking about neobreznoy care, allowed easy application for treatment of the skin around the nail. The cuticles are removed with tweezers, or push it with the help of an orange stick. We must try not to damage the skin and if the wound is still there, you should handle it with hydrogen peroxide, iodine.
  • Towards the end of the procedure you need to use a polishing brush. It will give your nails a healthy Shine.
  • The last step will be applying a hand cream or nourishing oil. At desire it is possible to treat the plate with a protective lacquer. But clear coating can be eliminated, if the condition of nails happy man.

European home manicure for men

The easiest thing to do at home edging manicure. This procedure has several advantages. European care like clients due to the lack of damage to the skin. Without using scissors, it is possible to virtually eliminate the infection. Besides select edging option for men of any age. Including for children.

Another important advantage of European manicure for men is a slowdown in the regeneration of the cuticle. If you constantly use gel for treatment of cuticles, you can spend less time maintaining the beauty of the skin around the nail. Modern tools can help to avoid the appearance of burrs.

Although the newest products for cuticle care can work wonders, not always they can cope with rough skin on men’s hands. Therefore, to clean up nail can be used tweezers, scissors.

Men’s manicure will make your hands look beautiful, neat and will help prevent fungus. Repeat treatments in the salon or at home should, as regrowth of nails.

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