Pale yellow colour: is what?

The colors that surround us can have a simple and familiar names. But some of them unfamiliar to us. For example, yellow color is what? But we often encounter with him.

Палевый цвет: это какой?

The word «yellow» comes from the French paille, which means «straw». The first meaning of this word is pale yellow, light yellow with a whitish hue. As time went on, the language has changed, and the meaning of the word changed too. Under the fawn began to understand pale yellow with a slight pinkish tinge, dusty, muted shade of yellow, often with a whitish hue, and even the transition tint between the yellow and white.

This is the name of the color is used now. Fawn can be hair – and then they will not be straw-yellow and not brown, with a light and subdued shade of gray. Such hair is more typical for women summer color type, they do not have red or Golden colors.

Fawn can be dogs – this means that they have a light coat, again, without a hint of reddishness or Golden hair.

Fawn can be fur – for example, on a fur coat. This means that the entire skin (or areas) are bright, almost white but without the blue, warm shades. Often this fur has areas of brown – again, no bright or very warm, chocolate shades.

Finally, the dictionary Dahl mentioned melted pale yellow cream – lighter than usual for us, no shades of creme brulee.

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