How to restore hair after bleaching quickly at home

The way in blonde is thorny and dangerous. Many girls, finding a welcome tone, darken disappointment: the shade of the color, but the hair quality is pretty lame. All is not lost: if the original state to restore the hair does not succeed, then give them vitality, Shine and obedience to you quite on forces.

What is the restore hair after bleaching

In the process of bleaching using hydrogen peroxide of various concentrations, from 3-12% in combination with other chemicals. They loosen the surface layer of the hair, lifting the scales. The peroxide penetrates and reacts with the natural pigments, oxidizing and destroying them. This impact is the aggressive nature: the higher the concentration of peroxide and the more, takes longer to paint in bright colors, the more disturbed structure of the hair. If you miss with a percentage of the oxidant, the hair can burn from the first staining.

On the exterior it is not the best way the strands become dull, dry, brittle, resembling a straw. There is a view that clarification with staining individual strands will not damage the hair, if you bleach them whole. This is partly true, but after dyeing they need the same care as a fully bleached. How to restore hair after bleaching? Like before, they will not, and the task of recovery is reduced to maintain the state close to natural.

For this, there are cosmetics and salon treatments, «glue» sticking out in disorder scales of the hair sheath (shampoos, balms, conditioners or keratin straightening, laminating, tinting). The lack of time or other reasons, excluding the visit to the beauty salon, you can try to heal and restore hair after bleaching at home.

Power using products containing organic vegetable oils, protects hair strands from external environmental factors – changes in color, yellowing, hypothermia or burnout. Formed after the damaging effect of lightening the hair voids are filled with nutritious particles, which positively affects the appearance.

Abuse of nourishing masks with essential oils, using the entire length, it is not necessary – they make the hair heavy, and damaged elastic fibers of the inner layer will stretch, and subsequently to burst. Special attention should be paid to the care of the significantly affected ends: split ends cut off regularly, dry – to nourish and moisturize. Mask to restore your hair after bleaching will help you with this.

Restore hair after bleaching at home

Think how quickly restore hair after bleaching, bypassing the beauty salon? All funds used to restore the available – one only has to look in the fridge. Their main advantage is the naturalness and harmlessness of ingredients that can solve one problem without creating others. Lovers of something unusual, you can look in the pharmacy, for example, glycerine or vitamin B5.

How to restore burnt hair after bleaching

The situation with the burned hair is easier to prevent than to rectify the situation. The most effective tool – scissors, but if you feel sorry to part with the decoration of your image can cut off only the tips. To give hair a natural, vibrant appearance, you need to take care of them, preventing injuries, further dry and brittle. This measure is temporary, because the burnt strands in the future will still have to cut off. How to revive hair after bleaching using masks:

  • Sachet of gelatine (1 tsp), pour a small amount of water for 10-15 minutes. Then, while stirring, to dissolve in a water bath. To enter the yolk of raw eggs, 1 tablespoon of balm. Apply pre-moistened hair, wrap polyethylene. To insulate the head, wrapped in a towel. To wait 1 hour, after which rinse thoroughly with water without shampoo.
  • 1 teaspoon colorless henna, raw egg yolk, 1 tbsp oil, stir to distribute through the hair. To cover, to insulate the head. The exposure duration – 30-40 minutes. Wash with shampoo, rinse with conditioner.

How to restore bleached hair natural products

Hair after bleaching become very dry. The moisturizing effect you get from the first application of masks made from edible components. Here are some recipes:

  • ½ Liter of the three-day kefir or curdled milk slightly warmed. Weight distribution along the entire length, including the roots. Wear the head with a plastic cap, wrap with a towel. Mask hold for 40 minutes, then plentifully to wash your head with warm water. Hair dry with a towel, to dry naturally.
  • With the help of a blender grind the mango or avocado. Pour lime juice and olive oil. To sustain on hair for half an hour, wash your hair with shampoo, rinse with water with lemon juice.
  • Mix 1 egg yolk, mashed to a pulp a banana and fat yogurt. Add 1 tsp. honey and vegetable oil. Spread on unwashed strands, keep for 30-40 minutes. Shampoo to wash your hair with the balm rinse.

How to restore bleached hair herbs

If bleaching were performed without dyeing, and only with the use of the oxidant, at the site of the dissolved own pigments formed voids. In the treatment herbs that can be populated with vegetable dyes, which often gives unexpected hue. For blonde hair-chamomile, adds a Golden hue, or colorless henna. How to restore hair after bleaching using herbs:

  • Rinsing the hair with chamomile tea after washing, it is possible to neutralize the negative effects of hard tap water, brightening and polishing the strands. To prepare 2 tablespoons of flowers pour a glass of water. To bring the solution to boil for hours. After rinsing do not rinse.
  • Using a mask from colorless henna, it is possible to obtain the effect of improvement – it contains substances, moisturizing the hair, promote growth and add Shine. Before use, test the tool on small sections of hair – you may receive unwanted green or yellow tint. Preparing mask: 100 g of henna divorce 300 g of hot water. Then the warm paste is applied to the roots and the hair of the head is insulated. To withstand the mask for 15-20 minutes, rinse strands with warm water. Sometimes henna is mixed with kefir, chamomile decoction.

How to repair damaged hair pharmacy means

Pharmacies offer remedies for the recovery of oil of burdock, castor, essential, herbal extracts, perfectly moisturizing glycerin, essential to restore vitamin B5 – D-panthenol. Use them independently or in masks. Pure vegetable oil is not desirable to use more than once in 2 weeks. Essential oil added to skin care few drops.

How to restore damaged hair through the pharmacy means:

  • Mix egg yolk, 2 tbsp of castor oil, then pour in a solution of 1 teaspoon lemon juice and glycerin, diluted in 2 tbsp water. Apply the mixture on the entire length, including the roots, after 30 minutes wash your hair with shampoo.
  • 2 tbsp liquid panthenol to add a bit of diluted gelatine, to enhance the effect – 1 tbsp. l. Dimexidum (a contra!), 2 capsules of vitamin A and 2 tsp. of shampoo. Cover the head, to withstand the mask for 30 minutes, wash off.

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Christina, 19 years old

I wanted to quickly become a bright blonde. Got what you wanted, and then «biting elbows». It kept getting scary, especially wet. Run your hand, and there a tuft remains, and so strand by strand. Really helped glycerin mask and rinsing with chamomile, but half the length still had to cut!

Victoria, 25 years

I realized that discolour to the mind – 3-6% peroxide. At least take longer, but it didn’t burn. I brightens in the winter, sitting on maternity leave, so getting rid of the reddishness I was in no hurry. The result is a soft blond hair, but the dullness was present. Saved rinses, kefir mask.

Bella, 49 years

My own colouring is light blonde, so that may be the problem of burned hair escaped me. The only trouble is split ends. My discovery was nourishing mask (paint only on the tips) on yolk, honey and castor oil. Do it before every wash, then rinse with lemon water.

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