How to look the best

How they say in the old saying, «clothes make the man». In the modern world is very important to know how to apply themselves, and appearance plays a very important role here.

Как выглядеть лучше всех

It is well known that even the most expensive things can drastically disfigure the person, if they are chosen correctly. It is therefore important to determine the type of their appearance.

The designated sutatip

The easiest way to determine your sweetie to look at veins through translucent skin. If they are green then you have warm sweetie and, accordingly, you should give preference to the colors of warm shades. If the veins are bluish, you have cool style of appearance and you need to stick to cool colors.

Define the type of appearance

The best system at the moment is the system David Kibbe that divided all women into 13 types. You need to be photographed in their underwear, and then pass the test of kibbi (you can find on the Internet). Photos need in order to be able to impartially assess a type.

Pick the right clothes, shoes, hair and makeup

In this we will also help system kibbi, which is a lifesaver in all matters of style. Here you can find detailed guidance about the suitable for your type haircut.

Quite different is the case with the makeup. If, objectively assessing yourself, you understand that you have problems with the taste, much better than trying to pick up makeup on your own and go to a professional. In many shopping malls in the departments of cosmetics, you can find free workshops, which makeup artist will make you a proper makeover for a minimum purchase.

Define the appropriate silhouettes, fabrics, types of shoes

System kibbi good for the fact that each character is given a number of recommendations that need to wear and what to avoid. Thus, using these tips you will make your shopping much more pleasant and easier. It is also important to remember that you should not skimp on shoes! It adds a gloss and finish. Cheap poor quality shoes all your efforts will go down the drain.

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