Why not fulfill the desire

Many people set goals and achieve them, and get others to settle. What is the difference between these people? Primarily in the proper mindset and perception. It’s not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Почему не исполняется желание

What prevents us to get what we dream?

Many say that the human brain is like a computer. This is acceptable, because one wrong thought or action can lead to complete failure in our actions.

— Lack of confidence in achieving goals

The confidence affects all areas of our lives, including success in any business. What do you feel when you realize that you can’t get what you want? Most likely, you will have an unwillingness to make even one small step towards your dream, because it makes sense. On the contrary, our confidence that we will get our cherished goal, though not immediately, will always help us to move forward.

«I’d rather get everything at once

Huge potential importance creates a too large interference. The desire to achieve goals can give rise to many unpleasant emotions, such as strong emotion or anxiety. Each failure is likely to be very upset and could eventually lead to the first point.

I don’t really really want it

If we can’t afford to obtain our desired, always on the way will meet many obstacles, which are not always fully aware of us. For example, a man wants a car, but at the same time, he realizes that with the machine a lot of trouble and material costs. The desire is there, but you can take what you need to do not really helping.

Without this goal my life has no meaning

Almost like a desire to get faster, only even more expanded version. As if we did not dream about an expensive car or a high career growth, you must learn to live in the present and thanking the universe for what we have, because many do not have even what we have. The desire to move and grow should not distract from what it is now.

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