Crop for the lazy – the most unpretentious representatives of flora home

The contents of ornamental plants in a city apartment does not require any complicated skills.

Растениеводство для ленивых – самые неприхотливые представители домашней флоры

Nature is designed so that any living organism can accommodate any, even the most adverse conditions to their advantage. Especially clearly adaptive properties occur in plants that are able a long time to go without adequate lighting, fresh air and water.

Which plants are best adapted to adverse conditions?

Not even possessing the knowledge of a professional grower, you can do a successful growing indoor plants, the main thing – to choose the right type of sapling. There is a wide variety of types that are perfect for growing in a city apartment and, most importantly, do not need special care.

Members of the family of succulents

Evergreen plants, mostly perennial. A characteristic difference from other families is the presence of succulent shoots, which perfectly retain moisture. Homeland succulents is the desert, so they thrive in bright light; not afraid of direct sunlight; able for a long time without watering. The most famous representatives of leaf succulents are aloe, Echeveria, Kalanchoe, crassula (the so-called «money tree»). Of stem succulents, the best known are cacti.

Agatovye plants

The most recognizable member of the family is Yucca. Tree-like plant, the leaves of which do not fall with the change of seasons, i.e. the representative of the flora is evergreen. Yucca is fairly easy to raise and keep in a typical residential space, because the natural conditions of its habitat suggest an arid and hot climate with little rainfall.

The mulberry family

The most famous decorative branch of the family – figgy. It is mostly evergreen plants with developed root system, which can be underground or on the surface, getting the necessary for the growth of trace elements in water and air masses. As house plants most often used are resin, lyrate and dwarf ficus. Potted ficus tree is best kept in place with moderate lighting, avoiding direct sunlight during the hot period. Other requirements to the conditions of detention are quite moderate.

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