How to unlock phone if forgot pattern

Pattern — additional protection for mobile devices that allows you to restrict the access of unauthorized persons. However, sometimes it happens that the owner himself forgets the password. To panic in this case is not necessary: a problem can be solved pretty quickly. Will explain how to unlock phone if you forget the pattern.

Как разблокировать телефон, если забыл графический ключ


1. The easiest way to unlock pattern on Android via Google account. First enter a few times any sequence of points of the graphical key. After another failed attempt, the device will prompt you to report e-mail and password of the account. If you correctly enter the data, device will be unlocked. To use this option, you will need an Internet connection.

2. On some devices and versions of Android cannot unlock pattern, simple, artful way. Call yourself from another phone take on the challenge. In a conversation go to settings, go to the menu lock function and turn it off. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for tablet computers that do not have calling features.

3. Some phone brands has its own «signature» ways to unlock. For example, the device from Samsung can be unlocked via Samsung account, Huawei device — remotely via the program Hisuite installed on the computer that is connected to the mobile phone. On HTC, the problem is solved via HTC Sync on a PC, through which is connected to the computer phone install Screen Lock Bypass.

4. Unlock your phone if you forgot your pattern, and even through a system reset. This method should be considered if in the memory there are no valuable data because when you restore they will be lost. Start restore to factory settings different devices are different, usually it is a combination of mechanical keys. For example, Samsung need to power off, then press and hold the center button and press on/off (some new models also «volume up»).

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