How to make a wreath of candy

Such decoration American style is very please the sweet tooth. And to make this wreath very simple, but candies will need a lot of…

Как сделать венок из конфет

To create the wreath of candy you will need: prevolucni hangers for clothes, sweets, a thin wire for fastening sweets, extra decor to your taste and desire (band, «rain», POM-poms, tassels, etc.).

The process of working on a wreath made of candy:

1. Make a base for the wreath out of candy: turn wire coat hangers into a circle, hook the hangers do not touch.

2. Fill the entire circle candy. Work should be started from the hook. Each candy gently prikruchivayte thin wire for a piece of paper (see photo below). Thus complete the entire circle candies, pressing them tightly to each other.

Tip: to create this model, the wreath of candy will need candy in paper (chocolate or caramel), candy taped to the film (like the bars «bounty», «Mars» or «Snickers») will not work.

Как просто сделать венок из конфет

Please note: candy is better to choose a smaller to make the wreath turned out fluffy and dense. By the way, when you buy candy pay attention for the coloring of paper.

3. We’ll finish the job ornament wreath. Tie will svargo the oversized bow from satin or nylon ribbon. Add decor to their own taste — a few less bows, artificial flowers, etc.

Useful tip: if, despite the wealth of choice of chocolates in our stores, you will find candy in suitable papers, buy loose caramel without wrapping and pretty paper for gift wrapping. Well and shoulders (if you don’t find suitable), you can replace the hard wire from which it is possible to twist the base for the wreath.

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