How to set up a quick filling of documents in 1C UPP and UT 10.3

For a long time with the 1C work not only of the accountant and all the office staff. In the program not involved are the guards and cleaners. But if accountants have a lot of courses and advice, the managers suffer from a lack of attention to their experience. Tips for sales managers and procurement, how to set default padding details manuals and documents.

Как настроить быстрое заполнение документов в 1С УПП и УТ 10.3

The Council fit for the program:

  • 1C manufacturing enterprise Management,
  • 1S trade management 10.3,
  • 1C Integrated automation 1.1.

The fill settings are performed by default in the menu Tools — user preferences.

The order of the sets in the list for the SCP and 10.3 UT is different, in «trade Management» they are divided into groups. However, the settings are the same. Safely expand groups and evaluate them by putting the values in suitable settings.

The contract with the counterparty

If you have to fill out a contract with a buyer or vendor yourself, you will benefit from the following:

  • The main currency of mutual settlements — to automatically set the currency in the contract. Often for the seller, it will be — rubles. Buyers also usually divided: someone who works with Russian suppliers, with other imports.
  • Basic organization — contract 1C binds not only to the counterparty, but also to the organization. If you are working from the same organization, the entry in this field will save you a lot of time.
  • The main financial settlement contracts — 1C settlements may be separated by orders, the bills, or dealt with under the contract as a whole. These opportunities are available for both the contracts with customers and suppliers. Manager works with their counterparties, in most cases, one of these schemes. If you’ll set the default props, you will not make errors when filling out the contract.

If the contract with the buyers provide a Deposit you can put down the value the most frequent percentage of prepayment in setting the Basic amount of prepayment of the buyer’s interest, not less.

When you define the default values for these fields, agreement upon the establishment will be filled up almost completely:

Создание договора с контрагентом в 1С

You will need to specify the name of the contract and save.

If you enter not only the Treaty, but also of the counterparties, it would be useful to configure the Main contractor status: buyer or supplier. If the counterparty to forget to check the box the buyer or the Supplier and record it, it will automatically be created an agreement with a view More. Have to spend the time to fix. Setting will help to avoid this.

Filling of documents

In user settings in 1C there are settings to help you quickly fill out the paperwork.

The main buyer is useful if most of the work of the sales Manager is with another customer. When you create a new «buyer’s Order» or «sales of goods and services, in a document retrieved from the counterparty and its main contract.

The main contract can be set on the counterparty using the button above the list of contracts.

Как установить в 1С основной договор контрагента

For the purchaser there is a specific field the Main supplier. The mechanism is similar.

The main unit is put in the document that is created automatically on the «Advanced» tab. Usually field is used to indicate in which division the person works. if the field «Division» is populated in sales documents, the sales can be analysed by departments in the report.

The main condition of the sales whether to put default, if you use discounts or surcharges under the terms of the sales. In the document this condition if necessary, you can change it.

Main type of sales price — the type of prices which is put in the buyer’s Order» or «sales of goods and services.» The prices in the document will be filled in accordance with this type of prices. Type default pricing can be put down not only for user but also for the contract with the buyer on the Advanced tab:

Как в 1С установить тип цен по умолчанию в договоре

The prices established in the contract take precedence over the user settings.

In the contract with the supplier is also possible to specify the price type of the default of the reference price types of counterparties. This type of price 1S uses to populate the «supplier Order» or «Receipt of goods and services».

If you are working with a specific warehouse, then in the settings you can fill in the Main warehouse. The warehouse specified here is 1S fills the cap of a new sales document or receipt.

And the last setting for today is the show:

  • Reflect in management accounting,
  • To reflect in the accounting records,
  • To reflect in tax accounting.

They should have to put in user settings the default and do not be afraid that forget to put down the desired check box in the document.

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