Mole cricket: how to fight. Effective ways of dealing

Pest zemleroek family, sworn enemy of legumes, cereals, tubers, roots and the headache of the owner of the infield, meet kapustianka / gyroscope /mole cricket / ground shrimp / Gryllotalpidae Leach. Regardless of the name, this Orthoptera equivalent mole is a punishment of heaven for the harvest of vegetables, flowers and shrubs, as well as the cause of hysteria among impressionable natures. A mole cricket is not so terrible as it looks. To get rid of pests quickly will not have to make an effort.

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The mole cricket, description. Understand that pest to start on your plot, you can, noting:

  • · reduced productivity;
  • · loud whirring noise, which bugs communicate;
  • · the troublemaker.

The mole cricket looks very scary: a large insect reaches from 8 to 12 cm in length and 1-1. 5 cm in circumference, has an olive color with the yellow and/or brown specks, protected in the form of chitin chest armor, three pairs of legs with adaptations for digging tunnels and small spines, in adults there is a small transparent and very sinewy wings.


Why is there a mole cricket in the garden. Pest settles in well-warmed soil with intensive irrigation and/or access to water, loves organic fertilizer. Spread through the air, lays eggs in manure, often wintering in compost pits. Why should either be freezing manure fertilizer in advance in order to get rid of the mole crickets, or to make a choice in favor of chicken manure.


How to deal with a mole cricket:

1. Regular spring and autumn digging of the plot, summer cultivation of mazuradi up to 16 cm in depth. You will get rid of the nests of eggs and prevent the formation of maggots mole crickets;

2. Pour into the hole of the pest 1-2 tbsp vegetable or castor oil. You will block the access of oxygen and the insect dies;

3. Mix the soil with ash, spruce or fir needles, egg shells, coriander, and water for irrigation add 1 drop of iodine per 10 liters. You will achieve changes to the mineral composition of the soil and the mole cricket in the garden to live will feel uncomfortable;

4. Put on the plot with vegetables, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and Basil. Sprinkle the beds with the husks of onion and garlic. You will create a «scent», which makes no kapustianka.


Traps formole crickets:

1) You will need disposable cups, beer and water. In the heat kopite filled with beer and water 1:1 the cups moves around the beetle. The top will come out the smell of mink and sink;

2) You will need some pearl barley or barley porridge, buttered, and any poison. In the garden, dig holes and put treats, the insect eats and poison;

3) You will need: wide capacitance, kerosene and water. Under the lights on the site, put the pots with water and kerosene. Mole crickets of the night flock to light and can go down to drink or fall into a kerosene water.


Also around the compost and septic tanks kopite metal sheet, roofing felt or linoleum width 100 cm depth 50 cm around the greenhouse And dig a ditch at the same depth and fill it with kerosene-soaked sand. So, you will block access to the larvae mole crickets to the wintering grounds.

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