How to make a wooden sandbox

In the country it is customary to arrange certain landscape. As it fits the element of the sandbox? It’s also the small architectural form. It turns out that figuring out how to make a sandbox in the country, is not so difficult.

Как сделать деревянную песочницу

You will need

  • Wooden planks, length 2 m, width up to 10 cm along the width of the slit is from 5 mm — 8 PCs.
  • Small diameter nails — 50 PCs.
  • Hammer.
  • Board length up to 20 cm — 16 PCs.
  • Boards for seat — width 10 cm, length up to 2 m.
  • Sand.
  • Spade.
  • Skin.
  • Paint on wood.


1. First you need to dig a hole to bury the boards. They will need to put in length, that is, if you choose a Board 2 m long will require a trench of appropriate length. But the wood one does not stack. They need to put together for 2, for this we use boards with a length of 20 cm Can be put together long, put it on 2 short lap, or to lay down for 2 long and short — to put across, 2 short 2 long for every overlap.

2. Now you need to put the sandbox out of 4 long and wide pieces. It’s not as easy as it seems. Need to put a short Board in the junction, keeping it at an angle of 90 degrees and tack, while maintaining a level position of the boards. Better to do it before the boards will be dead. Also better to impose a Board seat, in other words — boards. It is possible to paint before and after, but sanded better before placing in the prepared hole. This is important because the splinters otherwise provided.

3. Now implement a sandbox in the holes. It is important to make sure she stood exactly. Avoid distortion of the structure, this defect will not be able to fix it. After installation and painting to fill the sand. All the design is ready. It is possible to cover with an awning, which is sold in stores, to protect children from the weather.

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