How to get rid of flies in a country house?

Как избавиться от мух в загородном доме?

Flies are pretty annoying creatures. They fly into the room through doors and Windows without mesh, annoying tenants, stain the items and can carry dangerous diseases. Consider how to get rid of flies in a country house. For this there are specialized chemicals and traditional methods.

Getting rid of flies with commercial solutions

Insecticides – special compounds for the extermination of flies in their places of accumulation. They are safe for residents and Pets. For example, there are special powders for solution preparation. The drug Agita 10 WG is composed of the sex pheromone of flies that attracts them. The solution affects the nervous system of insects, provoking their death.

Among other chemicals, you can use:

  • Raptor – solution;
  • Reid – plate for the fumigator;
  • Flaybayt – granules.

The fumigator – an innovative way to control insects. In simple device is inserted into a plate, which heats up and emit a toxic substance, harmless to humans and killing flies.

How to destroy flies in a country home folk remedies?

Flies have a highly developed sense of smell. There are fragrances that you can distribute to deter insects.


They don’t like the smell of elderberry, tomato leaves, geranium, clove. Arrange the leaves on the windowsill or put branches in a vase on the table, the pesky creatures will try to fly away from such a place.

If the grate frame, furniture, jambs, vinegar, kerosene, flies also smell will not like. The tool can be used to handle tables and furniture on the street, it works in and outdoors.

Flies I like the smell of vodka. You can spray it in the room, and they will try to leave.

A good option, proven practice – every two weeks clean the tables, window frames, doors with oil of Laurel. For households this fragrance neutral, and flies are afraid of him. They in a short time leave the room and try to fly around his face.

To the unloved incense include aroma lnjanki ordinary. It is mixed with milk, the broth is prepared and arranged in containers in the corners of the room. Quite quickly annoying guests leave.

Poisoned bait

You can build a poison baits for flies. After a meal, the insect will live very little.

For example, to mix the formalin, sweet water and milk to consistency 1:5:3. The resulting mixture is spread on the saucer, put on top piece of bread and place on window sills. Soaked bread causes the death of insects in a few minutes. You need to consider that such a solution is harmful to animals and children.

In the fight with the flies permitted the use of saccharin. You need to mix it with water, add honey and water ordinary newspaper, which is positioned on a window or countertop. Flies sat on it, it will die. Such a structure is perfectly safe for households.

Strong poison for flies is black pepper. It is necessary to mix it with sweet water, pour into a container and after a couple of days they will disappear.


You can set traps for the flies. On the bottom of the bottle with a narrow neck to pour beer or sweetened water. Caught in the bait fly out can not and will perish.

And, of course, the best control method – prevention. The Windows and doors have to install mesh not to leave open food tightly cover the trash. A simple way to ventilate the room in the morning. Insects are poorly tolerate drafts and cool air.

If you have some individuals began to annoy, traditional methods and household chemicals will help eliminate flies in a country house.


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