How to braid a French braid

Fashion usually applies to already existing styles, but they begin to reproduce with little changes. You can braid a French braid, but with a modern twist, to make it look not only practical but also relevant.

Как заплести французскую косу

You will need

  • Elastic band for hair.
  • Stud.
  • Invisible.
  • Comb.


1. First, you need to carefully hair comb. Now smooth hairstyle is not in fashion, but to start laying it is necessary with this procedure. When the strands are separated, the upper part separated by a «cap» as if you want to make a ponytail, but not all of the hair and from the top, from the forehead to the crown gripping the sides. Since it is now in Vogue the fleece, the upper part is necessary to make a volume. This is done comb — it is applied to the raised hair from behind, at a distance of 5 cm from the scalp. Comb carried down, again raise to the same level, and do another 2-3 movements.

2. Take a strand of hair from under the hats on the right, throw it over the tail from the cap. Secure with hairpin. It formed the roosters — do not brush them. Take a strand from under the cap on the left, put over two cross strands, and secure with hairpin.

3. Now take the curl, which previously went right, and apply it over the left and Central lock. Then grab another section of hair from the roots to the left and also put near the bottom of the harness, connecting their tails. Now take the curl, which previously went to the left, put it on top of the former right and Central with the addition, and also, take the curl on the opposite side, put beside, combine the tails. So braid to the bottom of the head, until a single tail, and the hair under it will be quite small.

4. Now divide the remaining fragments into three equal parts and make a regular braid. Tip secure the elastic band.

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