Addiction is a conscious choice?

Is addiction a conscious choice? What is the parallel between addiction and mental state? All this is possible will be revealed in this article through personal examples and life experience.

Зависимость - осознанный выбор?

Addiction is a choice?

Quite a large number of people trying to convince us that addiction to alcohol or any other drug is addictive. People who say that probably have never even used no drug. So what constitutes one or the other addiction? Is it a conscious choice or a man can’t control himself?

Why do people become addicted?

Reasons why people begin to drink or use other drugs quite a lot. Here are some of them:

  • dissatisfaction with life
  • misfortune
  • problems in the family
  • depression
  • low self-esteem

Different people react to problems and situations differently. Someone does not need drugs to cope or to forget about problems. Some prefer to handle everything by means of «doping». Whichever choice is made people need to understand that it was conscious.

Tells the story of life. My attitude to alcohol was quite loyal, but I am particularly not fond of them. At some point in my life, everything turned on its head, and I just went crazy from all problems. I started drinking and it helped me. I knew the consequences that come from alcohol and made a conscious choice.

I drank for 2 months almost every day and did not consider it an addiction. Currently, I drink much less but still drink from time to time. For me, alcohol wasn’t a drug around which everything revolves, has decided I’m the only one.

The consequences of addiction

In my case with alcohol, the consequences are manifested in the form of gastritis. Stomach problems sometimes respond quite strongly, and this is just one example. Alcohol with a strong passion puts the liver, and most importantly, slows the thought processes in the brain. If you drink and can not be addicted to to maintain your mind is normal, it will eventually degrade.

In the use of cigarettes and caffeine will put a heart, tall people should control the intake of these stimulants. Due to the growth of a person’s heart does double the work that would be to drive the blood through the body. Caffeine and nicotine constrict blood vessels and you can imagine the strain on your body occurs.

All these things affect the human mind, if you get involved with them very much. So you need to think twice before you decide you need it or not. For any acts have to pay.

Do I need to get rid of dependencies?

Having the idea that any addiction is a choice, we can conclude that the addiction is the same choice. Nothing complicated about it, if a person has a desire to stop drinking, it is enough two-week detox to get rid of the attachment of the body to substances. After that, he also has the right to choose, to ruin him with your body or not.


In conclusion, everyone decides for themselves how to use your body. Many people are not ready to accept the fact that addiction to alcohol, Internet porn, cigarettes and other things is the choice of the people themselves. Yes, it is harmful and the body wears out faster, but if no-one interferes with its methods of struggle with misfortune, and get it it is not necessary.

The main thing competently to weigh everything before you make the choice. If the person is happy with his life, and dependencies as such he will not. The root of the problem in most cases, grows out of my head, no need to struggle with addiction and the reason that prompted to it.

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