How to improve relationship with your partner through little things

We all know that above the marriage to work, but this work does not have to be heavy. Daily trivia will be in respects worse than heroic deeds.

Как улучшить отношения с партнером с помощью мелочей

We’ve all heard stories about how the «domestics» destroyed the marriage. To avoid this, you need to take preventive measures.

Focus on the positive aspects

There are no perfect people. We all sometimes do and do something that upsets our partner or hurting him. Criticism in this case — not the best choice of action as will cause only a desire to defend. Better focus on the best qualities of your partner, support and inspire him.

To apologize for the mistakes

Have the courage to apologize. And it should not be in this form:»I’m sorry you so understood it» or «I’m sorry you’re upset,» since such an apology carries the implication that your partner is not smart enough to understand it properly. It’s another thing to take responsibility for the lies or negative thing. This demonstrates that you value the relationship more than the right.

Stop blaming partner

During a quarrel, the accusations and allegations come and go. Your task is to get rid of such feelings. Better talk about yourself, about your feelings using «I»messages: instead of: «You are guilty!» — use: «I am terribly sad and frustrating» — etc.

To look at each other

Take a break from the phone screen and look at your partner. Often during the day, we just don’t have p in order to capture non-verbal cues that are so important for understanding each other. Watching partner even for a few seconds, we have to catch up.

Appreciate your differences

Different people cope with conflict situations on-to a miscellaneous: someone needs first to think about it and something he prefers to investigate «without delay». Discuss how each of you approaches the solution of conflicts, and try to find a compromise. Do not scold each other for different approaches to better assess the candor.

Try to listen and not just listen

Everyone wants to feel important and needed. One of the simplest and most effective ways to demonstrate it — just listen carefully. Put aside all the gadgets, look at your partner and react to what he says, non-Intrusive questions. Couples who everyday hear about the day’s events to each other, are much happier than those who don’t.

Show your partner you appreciate him

Praise the good qualities of your partner, admire his success, pooria his undertakings. It is very important for truly happy relationships.

Respect each other

Unfortunately, many couples forget this Golden rule. Treat partner as you would like them to treat you. Any violence (physical and emotional) is unacceptable. We are all imperfect, but if you caused the partner pain, hurt him — always apologize and try not to repeat.

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