Mounted faux brick themselves

Things to remember before you brick wall with decorative brick? A bit of advice.

Монтируем искусственный кирпич сами

Let’s talk about how to stick to the wall brick. Whether it is a complex process? No, the main thing is to be attentive and accurate, however, in all). The weight of one brick is more than a kilogram. And I mean products that are made based on cement. Brick plaster weighs less.

So, what you need to remember before beginning the installation? First, you need to purchase all the necessary tools. You will need 2 buckets to knead the adhesive and then grout. Smooth and notched trowel to apply and smooth the adhesive to the product. Brush in order to ublaziti the surface of the wall (especially if you are planning to do editing at a temperature of +30°C).

If You have a grinder with a disk — it is all wonderful, because the stone will have to cut and adjust the size of the wall. We measure a tape measure, so take it. The bag to squeeze the grout. For masonry still want chopiki which would regulate the same distance between the bricks.

Armed with the necessary, begin to prepare the wall. Old Wallpaper, plaster — all deleted mercilessly. The wall must be clean and smooth. If you see bumps, take the primer and begin to align.

So, we have a smooth, clean surface.

Grab a box of artificial stone, but rather several. Put a pebble in front of him. Don’t forget to take the stones from different packages, thus, will be more natural pattern of color and form.

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