What is «smart» jewelry

Miniaturization allows you to create amazing things. I do not pass it the attention and gadgets, and jewelry. To light a surprising product — the «smart» jewelry.

Гаджеты + бижутерия = умные украшения

Today a beautiful pendant or an elegant bracelet can hide the drive or something more over designers of rings, earrings and other jewelry.

Гаджеты + бижутерия = умные украшения

In fact, a hybrid flash drive+pendant no one can not be surprised, this combination exists for ten years, if not more, and not just spy movies. The stick inserted in bracelets, watches, key chains. But you can find the options interesting. For example, virtually useless, but very beautiful versions of «smart» jewelry like a bracelet with a screen across the surface (using a program installed on a smartphone every day, you can decorate it with new patterns), necklace, can change color mood.

Of course, more useful pendants, bracelets, barrettes, or other ornaments with built-in buttons to alert police about the attack on the owner of the gadget, fixing the coordinates of this event.

With smart clock competing jewelry is able to alert the wearer of messages and calls coming to the smartphone, and jewelry with embedded sensors to improve the quality of life. Among the latest bracelet that tells when you have to stop to sunbathe, earrings for posture correction and a multi functional bracelet, offering personalized recommendations on physical activity.

A separate line is to provide the result of «crossing» jewelry and medical devices. In this category, there are already interesting concepts, e.g. ring for a timely painless and invisible insulin.

You say that this strange toys? Maybe… But every day there are new versions of smart jewelry and not all of them are completely useless. Of course, not without comic hybrids, but if all medical devices will become a beautiful, tiny and painless, for one it will have to sincerely thank the inventors.

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