Tips for quick weight loss

It is no secret that with the same amount of calories entering the body, the speed of getting rid of the fat layer will be different for different people. So is the metabolism. Is there a way to make it work faster? Is.

Советы для быстрого похудения


  • The easiest and cheapest way to speed up metabolism. It is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses a day.
  • Eating foods rich in protein, but is quite easy to digest. We are talking about lean meats and fish.
  • The use of dairy products or, if intolerance of calcium supplements.
  • Opinions diverge nutritionists, but some of them claim that there are foods that are able by themselves to speed up the metabolic processes in the body. That grapefruit, green tea, hot pepper.
  • Smaller meals also good and accelerates metabolism. Eat need small portions (no more than 250 grams at a time). Breaks between meals food should not exceed three hours.In addition, such meal plan will allow you to avoid strong feelings of hunger and protect against overeating.
  • Breakfast must be full! Exactly what the body has to work hard in the morning, sets it to fast-track the work and throughout the day.
  • Should be deleted from the menu alcohol. It is depressing on the Central nervous system, consequently slowing down the metabolism.

In addition to correction of the diet and nutrition plan, there are also physical ways to spur weight loss.

  • Exercise shouldn’t be done on an empty stomach. About an hour and a half before workout should eat foods that contain protein and slow carbs. For example, buckwheat with chicken breast. Eating should be done in a specified time, not earlier and not later.
  • During exercises breathe only through the nose. This method of breathing is physiological, and the only way is a complete saturation of peripheral blood oxygen. And it contributes to better burning of fat.
  • Cardio to perform better at the end of training. After all, the fat burning begins only after 15 minutes of continuous operation.It is therefore reasonable to start with a warm up, then perform strength exercises, and only at the end just go to the aerobic training.
  • Strength exercises have to take place in training.Muscle tissue itself is able to burn fats even at rest. If you can not attend on a regular basis in a gym, can help a regular dumbbell. Even the weight of three kilograms would be sufficient.
  • Periodically, the set of performed exercises has to be changed.The muscles get used to the same load and eventually begin to spend less calories.
  • Perform complex exercises in the second half of the female cycle.At this time, the body has a high content of sex hormones.They contribute to more intensive work of the muscles, and the active process of burning fat.

Putting into practice even some of the above tips, you can greatly increase the speed of your metabolism.

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